It's all about the blood, the sweat, the tears

Banwar Jesticles
28 April 1984
I am a fat, cantankerous, miserable legal secretary with messy hair and questionable music taste.

Best lyrics to describe me:
"I'm not afraid of looking ugly, I couldn't care what they say
I'm not afraid of happy endings, I'm just afraid my life won't work that way
I'm not afraid of screaming and I'm not afraid of crying
I'm just afraid of forgetting and I am afraid of dying" - Jack Off Jill, Fear Of Dying

Things you should know about me:
- I kvetch (that's Yiddish for 'whinge') a lot. Beware.
- If you hate Jews, pro-choicers, LGBT people or childfree people (and I don't just mean militant CF'ers, I mean all people who don't want children), you will not like me. We probably won't get on if you're a BNP supporter or any kind of religious fundamentalist either.
- The Matthew Granger thing is in the past and staying there. Those who know me will know what this means. Looooong story.
- I have a few, shall we say, mental health issues. I have Asperger's Syndrome, I'm clinically depressed, and I self-harm. No, I'm not proud of it, and I promise I will not post pictures of my bleeding arms, but it does crop up sometimes. It is getting better, though.

Keep it foolish, yeah?

My fandoms, in case anyone cares: Sailor Moon (main one), the Chalet School, Asterix, Everton FC, Hellsing Ultimate, Naruto, Bleach, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

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Dislikes:79: 'zionist conspiracy' theorists, ann coulter, annoying drunken students, anti-abortionists, anti-semitism, attachment parenting, bad grammar, being patronised, biphobia, boob nazis, boy bands, breeders, british weather, celebrity culture, christian zionism, closet-mindedness, comedy ringtones, crazy frog, emo kids, evangelical christians, flies, fox hunting, fred phelps, george bush, george galloway, homophobia, ignorance about islam, jewish extremists, liars, manchester united, margaret thatcher, meat, mini-moshers, muslim extremists, myself, neo-nazis, new labour, nick griffin, noobs, paris hilton, people in general, people who blame israel for everything, people who leave their phones on in the cinema, people who wear plo scarves, political correctness, pro-ana, pro-lifers, pro-mia, prussian blue, queerbashers, queueing, racism, reality tv, religious intolerance, respect - the unity coalition, richard littlejohn, sasuke uchiha, scallies, self-righteousness, separatist feminism, small children, snobbery about reform judaism, socialist worker student society, spoilt brats, stupid people, the british national party, the daily mail, the pink pound, the religious right, the sun, the tabloids' obsession with victoria beckham, the tory party, tony blair, trance music, transphobia, trendy bisexuals, trolls, two-faced wankers, whiny liberals, white supremacism
80s kids tv, abba, adam and joe, akimichi clan knob gags, alcohol, amnesty international, anger, anti-anti-semitism, anti-nazi, aqua teen hunger force, asperger's syndrome, asterix, azumanga daioh, babes in toyland, balloons, barcelona, bikini kill, bisexuality, black books, blackadder, bleach, blondie, boys, british comedy, bubble gum, cartoons, catatonia, cerys matthews, chalet school, charlie brooker, childfree, chino moreno, chris morris, cinema, cocktails, daleks, deftones, depression, doctor who, drugs, drumming, eddie izzard, equality, everton fc, fairtrade, feminism, franny griffiths, gay rights, germany, gigs, girls, green wing, guitars, harry potter, hating razorlight, hebrew, hellsing, hole, israel, it's a zionist conspiracy!!!, j.d. salinger, jack off jill, jhonen vasquez, jilly's rockworld, joy division, judaism, kirsty maccoll, kittens, kosher, krazyhouse, kubo trolled my fandom, languages, le tigre, league of gentlemen, lenore, liverpool, machine head, making fun of narutards, manchester, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, mark thomas, marvin the paranoid android, melys, mental illness, metal, misanthropy, modern toss, monty python, morrissey, mortal kombat, muse, my ruin, naruto, nathan barley, oxfam, peter kay, piano, politics, pro-choice, queer, radiohead, rage against the machine, razorblades, reading, red dwarf, reform judaism, regina spektor, riot grrrl, sailor moon, scarling, self-injury, sepultura, sex, singing, sleater-kinney, sonic the hedgehog, south park, space, space the band, spain, spice girls, sugababes, system of a down, t'internet, the beatles, the pogues, the simpsons, the slits, the smiths, the young ones, the zutons, thhgttg, tom lehrer, tommy scott, tool, torah, tori amos, two state solution, unite against fascism, university of manchester, vegetarianism, vhemt, weebl and bob, women's rights, writing, yiddish, zombie goat bukkake, ישראל, שלום