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I'm off to sunny Reading...

So. Afflecks. I bought: a saucy black top with a lace-up front; a blue shirt with a go-go dancer on the back; a small whip; Nirvana's In Utero; and Bikini Kill: The Singles. Rob bought: fuck all. I think he was desparate to get out of there. He looked like he felt a bit out of place. There wasn't much I wanted, alas, and I felt guily dragging Rob round like a small dog, although he actually LIKES clothes shopping. Then we went off to Pizza Hut, ate shitloads, walked around Manchester trying to find the uni, found the uni, had a couple of drinks in a cafe over the road, then went and sat outside the Languages Building (as I'm going to be there a lot, it made sense). Didn't walk to Oak House, as it's about half an hour away. But it was fun and I was gutted when I had to go home, particularly as I'm not going to be speaking to Rob, let alone seeing him. But I'm not going to go all maudlin on you again.
I went into Oxfam to pick up Gina's Deftones money and Steph said that Babs the treasurer was suspicious cos we've had a few discrepancies in the takings, and guess what? They were all when I'd been cashing up. They were accusing me of stealing. I felt sick and called Gina. She was furious and told me to quit. Mum thought it was disgusting and Rob was pissed off. Sarah was amazed and Takesy said, "They'd have to be seriously fucking dumb to acuse you of fucking stealing!" when I told him in Loves. Sarcastically he added, "Well, you know, you have got black hair and piercings..." God, I hate the new Oxfam regime at times. Why won't the deputies trust me? Do they fear that I'm ramming tenners down the pockets of my baggy jeans?
Loves was cool, but I felt bad cos I was with Mike, but I didn't want to hang out with him. Apart from the fact that I didn't want to go out with him, Sarah, Dimps, Marco 'Wise up guys, it's the 21st century' Miotto and Takesy were all there, and as Takesy wasn't hanging around with the elitists he was really friendly. The fact that he was slightly off his face might have helped. Yes, kids, a revelation: Paul 'Drugs are bad, and please promise me you won't smoke, Lottie, even at the Space gig' Tacon does amyl nitrate! He had Marco and me sticking bottles up his nose enticing him to "smell the magic", which resulted in us hugging each other and acting like hyperactive kids.
Saturday: no discrepancies, so bite me, Babs! I had to go to Mike's 18th and it started off ok but then got worse when his mum got wasted and made a prat of herself. I was getting off with him when she dragged him off me to help her make his mates dance, even though they quite obviously didn't want to. The venue, which looked a bit like a working men's club, was pure Peter Kay. I half expected Jerry St Clair to appear on the stage. And Mike's cousin's weird boyfriend made me dance with him, and his gran went mental cos he took his shirt off. Then me and him went outside to get a bit of privacy, and to escape from Mike's family and the horrible shitty dance music, but his mum made him come in cos his gran was kicking off. I was glad to get home. The next day, I got a text off Mike saying he didn't want to go out with me as he "wasn't ready for a relationship", which was weird as I was going to text him with the same thing (after having asked Rob, who's been out with girls for about half his life and therefore Knows These Things, for advice) and was dreading it. Phewww!!!!!
Off to Reading today in about 3 hours. I'm nervous, but it should be fun and I'm meeting a load of people off the Hole site, and hopefully Katie as well (known her 4 years and we still haven't met!) Takesy will be with his crew from uni, so I'm not going to meet up with him, but as we like the same bands I may see him lurking around in a tent somewhere. Jack, meanwhile, will be up north in Leeds, so at least he isn't going to be thinking, "Shit, what if I bump into Lottie?" Although I don't know why he's bothered, what am I going to do, nip his ankle or something? Strange boy.