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I'm going to Afflecks tomorrow...

...should be fun. Rob, luckily, likes clothes shopping, so he won't be grunting, "Can we go now?" like men tend to do when clothes shopping with women. I can see where they're coming from, but I need more clothes, oh yes.
Friday: experienced the usual being left out by the elitists of Cool Corner. Joe tried to talk to me, Takesy was a bit distant and kept pretending to be gay, which pissed me off, as he is totally straight and has a beautiful midget girlfriend. And if he says "I went to Glastonbury" or "I'm in the standing for Deftones!" one more time, I might kick him in the nuts. I can just imagine:
Lottie: "Hey Paul, I've gotta tell you about my cat. It's black and it's absolutely gorgeous. You'd love it."
Takesy: "Really? Well, I bought a black panther. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah."
And Claire Joinson now thinks I fancy her, because I was doing that thing where you move yr body down the other person's. Great. It didn't help that I told her I was "60% gay and 40% straight". Jack has become friendly with Elitists R Us. Well, one of them,an REM fan called Guy who was in my English class, supports Everton and works in the Cat. He is nice, unlike Russ 'I shagged Adele Scally in a bush' Carr. Oh, and I pulled a guy from Little Sutton called Mike who looks exactly like Rob, except he's smaller and has orange bits in his hair. Normally when I say something along the lines of "Takesy looks like Thom Yorke" people will reply "No he doesn't", but I honestly nearly went up to Mike and said, "Rob, what are you doing in Loves? And what have you done to yr hair?" I got a taxi back with Laura Champion and her other half, and she thought Mike was Rob too, so I'm not the only one. (I think someone's got hold of Rob's DNA and cloned it, as I've seen lookalikes before - one in Caffe Uno, and another one in Loves - and Rob himself saw a guy on holiday who looked exactly like him. He was somewhat weirded out.) I kept staring at the poor guy, which was why he came up to me and got off with me. He is really cute and nice but as I'm going to uni next month I'm a bit unsure about relationships. I need to ask Takesy or Jo for advice. They Know These Things.
My mum tells me that Alison or Steph (I forget which deputy) calls me and Gina "the gruesome twosome". I'm not sure whether to laugh or roll my eyes.


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Aug. 14th, 2003 02:15 pm (UTC)
haha the gruesome twosome. I'd say the same about them.:D
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