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Rantage (SOAD rule!!)

Nothing much of interest happened today. My mum is still whingeing at me because I haven't got a job yet. The fact that I'm 18, haven't had a lot of experience office-wise and am only going to be available till September - by which time I will have buggered off to university. Six months, whoop-de-doo. How I envied my ex-boyfriend (who was at Warwick University) for being able to go out and get trashed every night, which to be honest you can't do in Chester.
All the clubs are full of scallies. Except Loves, where I sometimes go on Fridays (as does my little brother and his ho), because it is the only club in Chester where you have a remote chance of getting to hear decent music. Oh I forgot. It too has been invaded by scallies. Scallies don't like metal generally, so why they go there beats me. My mate Rob thinks it's because they get refused entry to other clubs on account of their scruffiness. I reckon it's so they can join in the moshpits, as an excuse for senseless violence. Nevermind Nirvana, let's go and beat people up! Waaaheeey! BANGIN'!
On the plus side, I went to the gym and probably burned off a few calories. I'm a fat bastard, so it's all good!
List time! Top 5 System Of A Down songs (by album):
System Of A Down: 1) PLUCK, 2) Sugar, 3) Suite-Pee, 4) Ddevil, 5) Peepholes.
Toxicity: 1) Prison Song, 2) Chop Suey! 3) Aerials, 4) Psycho, 5) Needles.
Steal This Album!: 1) Ego Brain, 2) Roulette, 3) Chic 'n' Stu, 4) Thetawaves, 5) ADD.