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Well, Gina is very happy. She admitted once that Tool were the only band she was really arsed about seeing, but I guess A Perfect Circle come pretty close. Hey, Maynard James Keenan IS their singer. Hopefully Aidey won't fall asleep during the Deftones, although with me screeching "I LOVE YOU CHINO!" in his ear one minute and bellowing along to My Own Summer the next, it's not likely.
Lottie in getting out of the house shocker; I went to Quiggins on Tuesday with Hattie (scary little girl cousin) and my mum and bought a nice bandanna (Jack: "You look like a pirate, and Emily, don't you be getting one!" Emily: "I'll get an eyepatch"), a white flower hair thing (was going to get a black one but the bloody thing broke, how embarrassing), fishnet gloves and a glittery plastic bracelet. Hattie was scared of all the pierced people; Mum threatened to buy fluffy cuffs. For grossness, this is on a par with finding a copy of More! in Jack's room, although (thank fuck) Emily hadn't done what I did in a copy of Cosmo last year, which was underline the sex fantasies and write "This sounds nice". According to Chloe there are other alternative clothes shops in Liverpool, but it'll be a sad loss if Quiggins is closed down. There's so much nice stuff there: the CD bit, the antique store, the bead shop (we should have just left Hattie in there, she could spend hours looking at bracelets and beads and stuff), the skatey bit, the hippy joss sticks and oil bit...so damn good. Not as good as Afflecks, mind. I'm amazed Rob likes it (see below). Emily would have a bloody field day in Quiggins, but Jack would hate it, as he hates going shopping with girls as they take forever to look at clothes. I signed a few petitions while I was there.
In other news: I'm in charge of Oxfam all weekend (good); I'm going to Afflecks with Rob on Monday (good) and possibly to Loves on Wendesday with Gina (good, especially if they play the song I'm listening to as I type this); Takesy is in a casual relationship with Jilly (I'm not saying my opinion on this).