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Well, what a surprise!

You're Lottie. You're a miserable git. You think
everyone hates you. You get pissed off easily.
You frighten small children, yr brother
included. Oh dear.

Which one of Lottie's friends are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

It would have been funny if I'd got Rob. The reason I did this is in case any of the people in the quiz - Gina, Jo, Chloe, Rob, Helen and Takesy - got someone else. There's a possibility Chloe and Takesy might get each other. I could have been Takesy. But I got me. Meh.
Had amazing weekennd; Gina hit 22 on Friday so a load of us (me, her, Scotty, Charlotte, Shakey, Aidey, Emma, Zoe, Jess, Jonny and some woman who I don't know) went to Caffe Uno and funnily enough got served by a waitress who turned out to have gone to choir with me. It's a small world, etc. Gina liked the Fiona Horne book (thank god) and the crappy Fight Club personalised card I gave her. She got a cute little dog bag as well and other stuff. The let down was some people couldn't come. Jess, Jonny, Zoe and the other one only came for drinks because they were skint; Kirstie couldn't come as it was too short notice; the Meddler guys were rehearsing for the gig in the park on Sunday (which was pretty good although I missed most of it, being in Oxfam); and Andy was being a cunt and wouldn't come out with Melanie, so she was stuck at home. I can't believe him at times, sometimes he can be a nice guy and then he goes and does stuff like that. Thanks to Andy, she got divorced (although she was going to anyway), lost her home, fell out with her kids (apart from the youngest one), got cut out of her mother's will and her friends won't speak to her. Why can't he be more fucking appreciative of what she went through?
Anyway, we went to Loves after (we being me, Gina, Aidey, Shakey, Charlotte, Emma and Scotty) and amazingly, Gina and Aidey LIKED it! Despite a horrendous queue and that shitey Benny Benassi song being played. Clare and Dimps were there, Emily was being dead nice about what happened with Russ (I have to admit saying "I nearly killed myself over him" was a bit dramatic, but it's true) and I was gutted when it ended. One of these days, when she has enough money, I'm taking Gina to Metal Pig Night. We'll have to nag the DJs to play Tool. Maybe Stinkfist? Dunno...and on Saturday, I went to this gig for the Big Issue and Ladyfest with Chloe, I'll write more when I can be arsed.
In other news: I'm doing a week's cover on reception in Grosvenor Park (good - money and a job I can get to); I might be getting a keyboard (good, even if it's not the same as Franny...); Saddam Hussein's sons are dead (good?); David Kelly case still going on (bad); Jack hates Russ (HA HA HA!); I've been accepted to steward at Reading (goodness itself). So I finally get to meet Katie - she's going as well - YES!! So's Takesy - YES!! Jo said she was going but unfortunately can't get tix. Ah well, you can't have it all.