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Happy birthday Gina!

You are Sir Bedevere. You are wise in the ways of
science (middle age style) but perhaps a little
absent minded when push comes to shove. You
are quite content on your banana shaped world,
and you enjoy perplexing people with coconuts.

What character in Monty Python and the Holy Grail are you?
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John (System of a Down)
You are John! You're shy and reserved to yourself.
You like to be more in the back where no one
can see or hear you. It's not that you're
antisocial, you just feel more at ease when
you're by yourself or with friends you know
well. You're often quiet but do your talking
through your actions. Because you're shy,
people tend to judge you in a certain way, but
when they get to know you they love you even

Which System of a Down Band Member Are You?
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You Are Severus Snape

Eternal Magic : Which Harry Potter Professor are You?
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