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Down with the sickness!

I feel like Franny Griffiths. This is because I have tonsillitis, as Franny himself had while Space toured the USA in 1997 (their Annus Horribilis), not because I have grown a foot taller, and started supporting Liverpool and talking in a Scouse accent and shagging a woman called Karen. I can't do the secretarial whatsit in Tarporley because they weren't willing to wait until I was better. The agency who got me the job were fucked off with me, but it's not my bloody fault I get tonsillitis. Swallowing hurts. Eating and drinking is painful. So is talking. A receptionist and tonsillitis - not a good combination, and god help me if I still have it on Sunday, as Gina and Aditi will get it off me. Anyway I have been arsing around at home for the last two days, trying to sleep. I feel like Tyler sodding Durden. I haven't slept properly for ages, as my fucking throat has been keeping me up. I wake up in considerable pain, scrabble around looking for penicillin, paracetamol, lozenges, water. Yes, alright, I know I'm being a moaning git but I am FED UP. I want to work, and I want to sleep. I have been up since 4am. Bah.
On the plus side...Kazaa is a great comfort, yesterday I spent 2 hours downloading stuff. I've got a nice little playlist with No Doubt, System Of A Down, My Ruin, Bikini Kill (I'm turning into a riot grrl!) Tenacious D, Otep, Luscious Jackson, Veruca Salt, Deftones, Babes In Toyland, Noreaga, Northern State, Zutons, Bratmobile, Marilyn Manson, Sleater-Kinney (got One Beat the other day and very fine it is too), Gomez, Primus, Raging Speedhorn and a lovely little song by the lovely trio of Tool, Glassjaw and Deftones. But no fucking Catatonia, and as Jack is downloading two gigantic Tool songs (why do Tool songs have to be so bloody LONG?) I'll have to wait before I can download anything. I want the Transplants! And Disturbed (see the title of the post), that song always cracks me up, especially because it gives Takesy and Phil McCann the urge to gurn and twat their heads in an 'Oh-mummy-I'm-so-depressed-because-you-didn't-buy-me-a-pony' style.


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Jul. 10th, 2003 11:26 am (UTC)
i'm sorry that you are sick. i know that you don't know me. but my name is rachel and i was wondering if i could start an account thing but i need a password thing but i don't know anyone to get it from. if you have one or know where i could get one could you give it to me. thank you my email is honeychil01@aol.com if you could please give me one i would appreciate it.thanx

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