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I am Jack's wasted life...

...or rather, his colon, according to that test thing off Gina's journal that I've just done. Apparently, I am also Bob, which means I am a huge fat man with no testicles and bitch tits who cries a lot and is played by Meat Loaf. Wicked. In case you haven't already guessed, I have now seen Fight Club! And I thought The Usual Suspects was weird...god...the bit with the human fat made me nearly sick. Unfortunately I read about Ed and Brad being the same person, which really spoiled it for me, but fuck it, it was good. In my list of all-time favourite films, I think it's about number 7. It had some good anti-capitalist and nihilistic (is that the word, swots?) points in it, although it was kind of ironic how Tyler Durden was fighting corporations and ended up starting one himself! The movie does make you feel like scum or as Tyler says, "The living breathing crap of the world." Kind of like Catch-22, which made me cry near the end when Yossarian (the main character) was walking around the streets of Rome looking at dead people, police beating civilians, soldiers raping women, and pondering on what a bunch of bastards humans are. I hope Rob likes it, although I have a feeling he might not. Then again we like the same books...
Oh yes, Rob, that reminded me - SPACE! Thanks to support band taking ages to soundcheck, resulting in venue opening late, resulting in support band being on late, resulting in Space being on late, we missed half the gig. A few website people were there, the webmasters were nice, and amazingly Donna didn't slap me when I said, "You ARE short!" As Mrs Chalfen says in White Teeth, "My foot and my mouth are on intimate terms." PabUK had made these T-shirts of Music For Aliens (this thing on the Space site where stuff they did at the fans' gig last year gets released, and it's perfectly legal, the band authorised it for fuck's sake!) and Yorkie was modelling one, and I spoke to him for a bit and we spoke to Tommy before the gig; I rushed over to the webmasters who were with Tommy and Yorkie, and fuck me, TOMMY IS A SEX GOD. And he's the same height as me. But they were going somewhere and I thought they'd get mad if Rob and me went.
The support band were this technoey group with a female singer who kept nagging us to buy their CDs, even as we were leaving the fucking venue. While we were waiting for Space, this guy who used to do their security was talking to me, he was somewhat pissed and told me about three times about how he'd met a man in Benidorm who complimented him on his Space shirt and turned out to be Franny's little brother! Awww...and Franny walked past before the gig and he was wearing a Bert and Ernie Calvin Klein pisstake shirt. The gig was a bit lame, they did Mr Psycho second and Me And You fifth - what the fuck? They go at the end, you dipshits. Rob and me missed Avenging Angels and Neighbourhood (bugger bugger bugger), but on the plus we got to dance to Female Of The Species (there's a nice pic of us two on the site, and me wearing my cat ears), and I made Rob stay for Hell's Barbecue, as a blatant excuse to stare at Franny playing the melodica. Why do I have a fetish for men playing the melodica? First Damon Albarn, now Franny - if Chino Moreno gets one and I get to see him playing it, I'll die and go to heaven. Unless he's been on a diet. Don't diet, Chino, we female Deftones fans think you're beautiful as you are...


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Jul. 6th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, Fight Club rocks doesn't it. You should read "Lullaby" and "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk (the guy who wrote Fight Club), they be fababulous.

I heard the Manchester Space gig was the only half-decent one on the whole tour, shame you missed half of it really... They'll be touring again in a couple of months anyway (apparently) so at least you won't have to wait too long to the next one.
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