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OK, here are some useless facts about me for anyone who's interested. Well you probably aren't. But I'm bored. So I'll write them in anyway.
- My favourite band, EVER, are Space. If you've not heard of them, they're four dudes from Liverpool, called Tommy, Yorkie, Leon and Franny. Tommy sings and plays guitar and has a very strange mind. Yorkie is the bassist and the old grandad of the band. Leon is the drummer and he supports Everton so that makes him a cool guy in my book. And Franny plays keyboards, is very tall and weird looking, and I am in love with him!!! Go check out their website at http://www.spacetheband.com.
- I support Everton. Stop laughing, Liverpool fans, we are still higher than you.
- My favourite ice cream is cookie. Especially Haagen Daz. Mmmm.
- I hate all crappy poppy punk bands, except Blink 182 because they make me laugh. Fuck A Dog=classic. Good Charlotte are growing on me, alas. I also hate most chart stuff with a few exceptions (Ms Dynamite, Kylie, Sugababes and others).
- I am autistic, which means I have problems communicating with people, I like routine - a LOT - and I make many lists, as soon you will see.
- My favourite word is 'bestiality'.
- Gareth Gates is a queen.