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We're off to see the wizard...ness of Space

Rob and me are going to see Space tonight, and whether we'll meet them is debatable, but the venue is weeny so there's a chance of it happening. I've always wanted to get Rob and Franny in the same room, so they can talk about dance. They both like Underworld, Felix Da Housekat, Mr Scruff, Madness, Lemon Jelly and Royksopp and hate rock - well, most of it. So not going to argue about music, touch wood...while me and Tommy will make the horns and shout, "ROCK!" (Tommy's a fellow Manson fan.) Or maybe not. Hopefully Tommy will strip off...but then again, Space aren't the indie equivalent of Justin Timberlake. This will be the fourth time I've seen them, which is more than a lot of people on the website, although Jo has seen them about 13 times. Is there a world record for going to Space gigs? If there is, I'm sure she's got it, although they've probably got some more hardcore fans knocking around who linger at every gig, hoping to drink Franny's beer, steal Leon's drumsticks and sweaty towel (actually, no, Robbie Newton is the only person who wants Leon's sweaty towel, and he hasn't even washed it - yuk!) and suck Tommy's cock. They're not the sort of band who like groupies - Jamie's gone now, thank god, so no longer will we see skinny women in short skirts being escorted backstage by a ginger skinhead...
In other news: I have a job (good), I'm going to Loves with Adam tomorrow night (good but not saying too much there), Gina and Aidey are going to a comic book convention in Liverpool and I'm going with them (good), Chloe might be going (even better), Takesy isn't back till July (bad).