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Paul Tacon is a cunt

After speaking to him on MSN today, I asked myself this question:
Q. Why is Paul Tacon (more commonly known as Takesy, Red Takesy, Non Alcoholic Beer Man, Bitch Boy, Eyeball Paul, Bakey, Oxfam's Token Boy etc.) a cunt?
A. He's only going to steward at Glastonbury!
Only kidding, Paul, you're a lovely fella really...although Radiohead fans will want yr head. Mwahaha. I just imagined my brother going, "Where is this Takesy? I want his head." Although Jack has no reason to bitch, as he is going to see Radiohead at the MEN. Clare, one of my friends who loves Radiohead like bees love flowers and dogs love humping people's legs, missed out on said tour, AND the intimate tour, AND Glastonbury. She isn't happy.