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Which Space are you?

1)What is yr idea of hell?
a)Going to a showbiz party and schmoozing with some Z-list celebrities off Big Brother or Pop Idol. - 3 points
2)Jamie Murphy - discuss.
a)He's an annoying, offensive little savage. Wash yr mouth out, minger. - 2 points
3)Which of these bands do you like?
a)Marilyn Manson. - 3 points
4)If you were a Spice Girl, which one would you be?
a)Scary. - 4 points
5)What is yr opinion on football?
c)It's OK but I'm more of a casual supporter. - 3 points
6)Describe yr dress sense.
b)Black, black and more black. - 2 points
7)You're in a pub and you accidentally spill the drink of a pissed-up scally. The scally isn't happy and starts threatening you. What do you do?
d)Run and hide in the toilet. - 3 points
8)How would you describe yrself?
b)Sensitive, shy, kooky, neurotic. - 3 points
9)What is yr worst habit?
a)Moaning. - 4 points
10)Where would you like to go on holiday?
d)Mexico. - 3 points
I got 30 points, so I'm Tommy; had I got another point I;d be Franny! Wahey! (The link is http://groups.msn.com/MyBeautifulNeighbourhood/whichspaceareyou.msnw)