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Two bad things have happened.

1) Everton are out of the FA Cup. To be fair, we WERE against Man U and as harry_t_skull said, there was little chance of us winning, but it's still pretty crap that we're out. Oh well. Shit happens.
2) I have found out from Big Rob that that lovely fascist Joe Finnon is standing in Union elections. Looks like the motion didn't fucking work. I cannot believe this has happened. Even though I'm not here next year, I sure as hell do NOT want a fascist on Exec. I don't know what he's standing for, but if he's uncontested, we're fucked. He's blatantly just doing this as a "fuck you" to all of us who campaigned against him. So please, everyone who's reading, DON'T LET THE BASTARD GET IN. Spread the word. We cannot have a Nazi on the Union committees, particularly if Matthew, Ant, Jonny and other minorities get in.
I feel like taking the razorblade to my face. I know it sounds like I'm overreacting, but I feel like this because I am getting more and more disillusioned with humankind by the day. I feel so hopeless and futile. Nothing I do will ever change a thing, the powers-that-be don't care about me or anyone else and what we want, the BNP will get in one day, and I will end up in a death camp. I honestly don't know why the fuck I bother with anything. I'm desperate to talk to Matthew, because he's the only person I CAN talk to about union stuff, but he's not online.
This is the email I sent:
"To whom this may concern,
I know this is probably breaking a lot of rules, and moreover does not affect me as I am on my year abroad, but I'm writing to you because I have just found out that the openly fascist Joe Finnon is running in elections, despite the passing of the anti-BNP motion. It would seem that all the anti-fascist campaigning, awareness raising and people giving up their time to attend the General Meeting was in vain. I know for a fact that there are several gay, Jewish, Muslim and ethnic minority candidates running in this election, and I cannot stress how painful and difficult it would be for them, not to mention the many others students who belong to any of these categories, if a self-confessed Nazi got in.
I am not writing this because I have been told to do so by anyone; I am writing because I am concerned about student welfare, including my own, for as an autistic lesbian who is converting to Judaism, I belong to three groups who the BNP are against. This man infiltrated various groups, befriended and gained the confidence of their members, passed sensitive information on to the BNP - who are notoriously violent and dangerous, despite their claims to be a legitimate political party - and, moreover, bragged about it on the BNP's website. How can we trust him not to do the same again? How can we trust him not to put students' well-being, and dare I say it, their lives, at stake? This university has a thriving international, multi-cultural and LGBT contingent, and we cannot let them be threatened by having a fascist representing them and making decisions over what happens in the Union.
Please, please, PLEASE do something about this. I cannot stress this enough.
Yours sincerely,
Lotte Holmes"

Gran's funeral tomorrow. Mum's put the programme together, as no-one in our family is religious it will not contain hymns, just poems and stuff. G-d give me strength.


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Feb. 20th, 2005 05:35 am (UTC)
"I have found out from Big Rob that that lovely fascist Joe Finnon is standing in Union elections."

That would explain why I haven't seen or heard from then git since Christmas, then, he's been plotting.
Did I tell you he sent me a "Merry Christmas" text message? On a scale of 1-10 of innapropriateness and insensitivity, I think a Nazi sending a Jew (and a Jew he personally hurt) a Merry fucking Christmas text message rates an 11, don't you?
What's he running for then? Think I shall have to show up at the next UAF meeting...

Oh, and I'm sorry about your gran. Wish you long life, hun.
Feb. 20th, 2005 01:15 pm (UTC)
I noticed him at the Union Council meeting. Do you know what position he's running for? I can find out tomorrow otherwise. In better news, no one (not even the megs) are contesting mine or Bev's positions, so its only RON we have to beat.
Feb. 21st, 2005 11:47 am (UTC)
Thanks x
'Merry Xmas'? The chutzpah is unbelievable. I don't know what he's running for, I'm seeing Herr Granger at Council so will ask him. If Finnon is uncontested, we're in trouble.
Jan. 10th, 2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
Are you abroad now?
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