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What I got for my birthday

From my maternal gran: an alarm clock.
From my paternal gran: 20 quid.
From my stepgran: a fiver.
From my aunt on my dad's side: a tenner.
From my aunt on my mum's side: HMV vouchers (which I spent on a Christina Aguilera album!)
From Jack: a guitar lead.
From Gina: a 5 quid book token (and I know what I'm getting her already, even though her birthday's in July, but I'm not saying as she might read this).
From Helen: purple fishnets and cat ears (which got a lot of compliments when I wore them in Loves!)
From Chloe: 'Goldmember' on DVD.
From Rob: Royksopp's 'Melody AM'.
From the parents: albums by Kirsty MacColl, Tool and Kylie; books ('A Slipping Down Life' by Anne Tyler, 'TV Nation' by Michael Moore, 'Why Do People Hate America?' by some lefty journalists, 'The Encyclopaedia of Cult Children's TV' and something about 'Rainbow'); make-up; a retro top; a phone (that texts people, thank god, because the old one doesn't); other things.
I didn't do much apart from go to Pizza Hut and then the City Bar (the only place in Chester that plays dance music and isn't full of scallies, and the dance is good - funky house which is nice and chilled and listenable) with Rob. We went to Revolution for a bit and I tried absinthe and couldn't breathe for 10 seconds. Fucking hell did it hurt. Then I went to Loves, wasted, met Clare, Sarah and Claire, and had a bastard of a hangover.