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Long time, no see. It's always when I have fuck all going on in my life that I write in my journal. I now have a job but it's temping in Liverpool so god knows how long for, and the agencies got their wires crossed so I don't know if I'm staying. Damn. I HATE uncertainty, I like to know things. Anal or autistic? You decide. Anyway Nicky (my stepsister)'s now living with us for the time being because her scally cunt of a boyfriend has been hitting her, and to make matters worse he took Georgia (their offspring) to Scotland with him and refused to give her back, so Nicky had to go over there with my stepdad to get Georgia and the boyfriend went insane and threatened to kill her. Although she's a Tae Kwondo green belt and could easily beat the shit out of him she was still scared so they've taken a court order out against him. I considered cursing him but he hasn't killed my mum, Jack or Rob so therefore hasn't filled the necessary criteria for cursing. Anyway, if he comes anywhere near Nicky or our house, he goes to jail. Yay.
I'm not bothered about having my stepsister in the house, she's ok, but Georgia does my head in. She's sooo clingy and won't let go of my leg and she follows me everywhere, even when I'm about to take a shit. At least I know now that I'm not cut out for motherhood. Anyway I all but told her to fuck off, but my mum got annoyed with me so I have to try to be nice. Which is fine until you want to do something and she follows you or when you're trying to eat yr dinner and she asks you what you're doing for the zillionth frigging time. I had to play Eminem at her so my mum could do the dishes in peace. False niceness is hard; Emily is back with Jack. Again. And I have to be nice to her, even though I don't want to because she cheated on Jack with his mate's brother. I think Jack's developing masochistic tendencies!
In other news: Wicker are doing a gig in the Picket (good), the war in Iraq is over (good and bad), Takesy has gone home (bad), I've been appointed Sunday Supervisor at Oxfam (good), and it's my 19th birthday on Monday (v v v v v v good). The Krazyhouse is calling. So is the pub quiz - Gina and Aidey aren't happy cos there was a fire in their house, so now they're staying with their mate Simon (one of the coke heads who is quite possibly insane). No one was harmed but Gina said everything was covered in soot - her and Aidey's hands were all black. So was my birthday card. Simon is charging them 175 quid for rent. Bugger. We were all going to see The Meddler last Sunday but I was ill (typical - I get a stomach bug on Easter Sunday!) and Gina and Aidey were stuck down in Berkshire. Damn public transport system - the Tories have got a lot to answer for (as have Labour for not renationalising the railways). Ah well, c'est la vie, shit happens, etc. And I went to Rob's house the other week and we hung out for about 3 hours, watching music videos, eating junk food and shooting the shit.
I'll miss him. A lot. (Oh vomit, I'm getting sentimental. Shoot me!)