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Sugababes 3 Slipknot 0

To take my mind off Iraq, and yes I know it was last week but I really don't care, I'm going to talk about the Sugababes gig.
So I finished Oxfam, met Rob, went to Liverpool, had meal in Head of Steam (the pub which is the favoured meeting place of Space fans), went off to Royal Court, joined massive queue. At 5ft 4, I'm quite little but I felt like a giant when standing next to some of the teenyboppers in the queue - some of them were so young that I was old enough to be their mum. Rob said they made him feel old and he tried to get me to buy a pair of fluffy bunny ears. (I didn't. I should have made him buy a pair.) One group of girls were carrying a big piece of cardboard covered in Sugababes pictures and headlines; about 2/3 of the queue was wearing pink. And those infernal bunny ears. It made a change from seeing teens in eyeliner and baggy trousers; the other big difference is that this is probably the first (standing) gig (in a big venue) where there wasn't a moshpit. Even Moby had a little one, thanks to Rob and a few other guys. So anyway, THE GIG.
The support band were a boy band called 3rd Level or something, they were ok, Rob liked them cos of their dance influence and they were pretty fit (but not as fit as Sugababes, obv). So all the teeny boppers were blowing their fucking whistles and squealing away and eventually Just Don't Need This started and everyone went mental and we could hear the 'Babes' voices but not see them and then they came out and Heidi was wearing a customised Nirvana shirt and Mutya had pink hair and a tiny little skirt on and Keisha had a low cut top on and they all looked and sounded great. I can't remember the exact setlist but Breathe Easy, Round Round and an a cappella version of Stronger were the encore, and they also did everything off Angels With Dirty Faces except Switch, No Man No Cry and More Than A Million Miles (but the album gets a bit lame near the end so it's just as well), plus Overload, Run For Cover, another old song and three solos by each member. Heidi's was as gloomy as fuck but she still got a big cheer. Then again, being a local girl, Heidi got a big cheer whatever she did (and her family got a big cheer as well, they were in one of the boxes). Bet Atomic Kitten are kicking themselves. They did the Latin version of Shape from the Brits but for some bizarre reason didn't do the rappy bits in Blue or Angels With Dirty Faces (daamn)...the funniest bit was when they invited some guy out of the audience to dance with them and sit on a stool for Virgin Sexy, and pretty much every man in the venue was jealous, if the reaction of the one I was with was anything to go by (I heard Rob mutter, "Bastard.") Incidentally, again unlike many gigs I've been to, the ratio of women to men was something like 6:1. I'm not kidding. Rob (and his fellow hairy beasts) stuck out like a sore thumb. The mics buggered up during Stronger, but the good outweighed the bad and my hands, ears and throat were aching by the end of the gig. So there, rock snobs. Who said all pop music sucks? The verdict: Sugababes rock. More than Slipknot, in fact.
Other news: Takesy is home (good); Vicky is home next week (good); Space still aren't touring even though their tour was supposed to be last month (bad); Glastonbury sold out (bad); so did Radiohead (bad); Welsh Dave basically said I was a sad twat with no life because I have this journal and that he's 'too busy living life to write about it', which is a lie as he's always boring us with his antics with various blonde bimbos in Cardiff (bad); Chloe and me were supposed to be going the K on her 19th but then she got ill so we couldn't (bad); Jack and Emily have split after she cheated on him with some guy's brother (good and bad); I have a job doing data entry (good); am now owner of three new albums by My Ruin, Deftones and Joy Division (good); war in Iraq is still going on (bad).