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Hey you, see me, pictures crazy, all the world I see before me passing by...
I really need a job. Anything to get me away from these 4 walls. And perhaps earn me a bit of money so I can get a better social life. Finding work, however, is like trying to climb over a wall and continuously missing it or losing grip. Sometimes, you think you've got it - like when you get an interview and it goes really well - but then yr fingers slip and down you go. Crash. And then you have to begin the whole lengthy process again. CVs, letters, application forms, again and again, the same old things you have to write, name, address, qualifications, work experience, references, why are you suitable? What makes good customer service? Can you work under pressure? Why should we pick you above all the others, peasant?
People had this idea that as soon as I'd finished my A Levels, I'd get a job and be working and earning until I buggered off to Manchester in September, with a fat wad of money in my account to help me get through uni, and boy is Lottie going to need it with the possibility of the top-up fees that her last boyfriend demonstrated against. The reality was different. It took me FIVE MONTHS for me to get a job, and that was only for Christmas (unless you count when I worked in the Grosvenor, which I prefer to blank out of my mind). Now I'm back at home going through the same old routine. It could be worse - at least I've got Oxfam to keep me out of the house 5 days a week.
Good thing: Clare is home from Thailand, woo hoo! Even better - as she's a big (and that's an understatement in itself) fan of Radiohead I'm going to Glastonbury with her, and maybe Sarah too! Which is a very good thing, but not for Jack, as he somehow got it into his head that I was going to stalk him around the campsite and check up on him in case he and his mates were having crack orgies. No, Jack, nobody, apart from maybe Takesy's sister, EVER hangs out with their little brother at a festival. Despite trying to avoid him like the fucking PLAGUE when we were both at Leeds, I ended up bumping into him and his mates on the Friday, and sitting next to them during Mercury Rev on Saturday. Poor Takesy, meanwhile, was trying to meet up with his sister but couldn't find her at all. Hardly surprising as the arena is huge but bizarrely you always end up bumping into random people - I ended up with Donna from Oxfam in the pit at Weezer! And when I was on my todd after the Ash set I ended up hanging out with some girls in the year above. It's a small, small world. Anyway despite Jack's whingeing, I can't wait for Glastonbury.