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Women Love Fest: Day 5

Why do I like Sakura?

Sakura Haruno could be better written, and some of the things Masashi Kishimoto's made her say and do make me cringe, but on the whole, I like her. This is why, in a nutshell.

- She's cute. She has a nice smile.
- She's gutsy and brave. Even in Part 1, when she barely had a jutsu to her name, she still had the guts to take Zaku on.
- She was willing to defend Chiyo to the death, even though they barely knew each other.
- She saved the life of one of my favourite characters, amongst others.
- She became kinder as the story progressed.
- She's the reason Gai is able to fight in the war.
- Despite her generally emotional nature, she can be surprisingly level-headed and effective in a crisis. See the fake Neji incident, for instance.
- She recognises her flaws and tries to deal with them...most of the time.
- She's bright and book-smart.
- She does genuinely care about Naruto, as a friend at least.
- She stood up for Lee when Naruto was mocking him.
- She cheered Naruto on in the Chuunin Exams.
- She's a good support ninja.
- She grew to see Naruto and Sasuke as people, not just ideas or archetypes.
- She's one of the most human characters in the series. She has flaws that many real people have, and she reacts to the bizarre world she lives in in ways that many real people would. Along with Kankuro and Chouji, she's one of the characters I relate to the most.



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Sep. 13th, 2011 09:05 pm (UTC)
These are all very good points, and reasons why I like Sakura too :)
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