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Takesy is not a happy bunny. I tried to talk to him on Messenger, he was a bit off with me. I didn't want to ask him why cos I know he's not the sort of guy who talks about personal stuff. I hope he's OK. I miss him so much. He was probably the nicest person in the whole school and was often there to talk to me when I got down. God, I'm being maudlin. Time to be rude instead. Space's best B-side ever, I Am Unlike A Lifeform You've Ever Met, is a first in that it's the first ever Space track with Franny doing lead vocals. He sounds suspiciously like Karen (his girlfriend) is sucking him off while he talks. It wouldn't surprise me if Karen was there - she's been on Space recordings before. Not sucking Franny off (as far as I know), but she does sing. She should join Space. Now that Jamie's buggered off they'll need another person to sing his songs, except as Tommy's the Scouse version of Beyonce Knowles, it probably won't happen.
Might be going to Telfords Warehouse tomorrow! And if Jack nicks my Sugababes album he will die a slow and painful death.
(cough cough)
PS Gina said "monkey sex" not elephant sex. Whoops!