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WHO: The Zutons
WHERE: Manchester Academy 2
WHEN: 1st May 2004
WITH: No-one
SUPPORT: The Dead '60s
SET: There wasn't one, but fair dos, Academy 2 is a bit on the titchy side
BEST SONG: Dirty Dancehall
BEST BIT: Abi and Dave's sax and melodica duet on the instrumental track whose name I forget. And when all five band members did some gorgeous a cappella harmonies
WORST BIT: They didn't do Creepin' And A-Crawlin'. I know it's not on the new album but god, it's a great track
COOLEST PERSON: Toss-up between the multi-talented Dave McCabe - not only does he sing and play guitar, he plays drums and melodica too - and Abi Harding, firstly because I've never seen an indie band with a sax player before, and after seeing her and the Zutons I have reached the conclusion that there need to be more indie bands with sax players, and secondly because she is sex on legs
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN: Yes, because I haven't got the album and I appreciate a band more if I know the songs
RATING: ****