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Why do websites turn into bitchfests?

In six months, Rob will be in Newcastle and I will be in Manchester. I'll miss him so much. I know it sounds weird to say that about a man who isn't yr boyfriend, but he's my best friend and I love him to bits and without him being there on the other end of the phone, for me to talk to when I have rantage to get off my chest or just want to have someone to confide in (and same applies to him), it's going to be pretty damn weird. Like a part of me is missing, almost. Rob and me have been friends for coming up to 5 years and it's a strange thought, being miles away from him. Thank god for train services and MSN Messenger.
The Space website - I post on it a lot - has turned into a bitchfest. I can't help but wonder what the band would think if they went on the guestbook and saw all the nastiness there...however, I shouldn't comment on it too much. They rock at the end of the day, but I WISH THEY WOULD GET THEIR BLOODY TOUR DATES SORTED.
Gina is happy today - Adie's back! ;) His birthday's today - wonder if she made him a big pile of pancakes with candles on? Awwww...