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Lotte is not happy for two reasons.
1) My exams are in a month's time.
2) I had a Spanish oral and it was a disaster. I didn't revise, which sounds stupid, but you CAN'T revise for orals. I wish I hadn't been asked about the bloody elections. It's not something I like talking about, considering the position I went for.
3) Danny and me have broken up. Not as friends, thank god, as fuckbuddies. It was the most amicable split I've had. Danny's met another girl back home in Wales, and he wants to go out with her, and as me and him weren't going out anyway, I can't stop him. I will miss the sex, a lot. And it's going to be weird, seeing Danny and knowing I won't be going back to his after Jilly's. I'm just sick of rejection.
- 2000: Joe Catling turns me down.
- 2002: Rob (fuck it, he doesn't read this - for people who don't know me, whenever I refer to fuckbuddying and 'youknowwho', it was Rob, my best friend - I used to fuckbuddy with him) didn't want to have sex with me any more, and decided he didn't see me in that way. But I will say no more because I know if I get started on Rob I'm going to end up getting angry. So.
- 1/2003: Pete realises he doesn't actually love me.
- 7/2003: Adam decides a relationship won't work, as he's off to uni.
- 11/2003: Owen finds it hard to cope with a disabled, Wiccan girlfriend. Indeed, he can't cope with a relationship.
- 2004: Danny meets another woman. And this time, he wants to be more than friends.
Still, there is always Tess and I know she likes me in THAT way. I just hope I get to see her again.