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Ding, dong. Kurdt is dead.

Everyone else is going on about Kurt Cobain being dead for 10 years, so I might as well write something. Nevermind is overrated, although Lithium is a top track. I prefer In Utero. It has Rape Me on it. And Heart Shaped Box, which has been stuck in my head the past few days, and All Apologies and Penny Royal Tea and...oh fuck it, THE WHOLE ALBUM IS GREAT. Without Nirvana we probably wouldn't have Ash, or the Foo Fighters, or Angelica, or the Vines...but then we wouldn't have Nickelback or Bush or the Llama Farmers or Cay (whatever happened to those two? They used to be in Melody Maker all the time) either. You win some, you lose some.
Because he rules and all that, congrats to Paul for finally doing the deed, after being depressed about his bad luck with regards to getting laid (not that there is anything WRONG with being a virgin and if there was any justice in this world Paul would have shagged half of Warwick). Here's hoping this one works out, unlike the last two, eh? You deserve it. Speaking of rudeness, things are still going on with Danny although I don't know for how much longer. Danny is getting worried that I want to go out with him. I don't. Because I'd made a vow to myself that I was going to commit suicide if Owen dumped me (and I was so depressed after he did it that if I hadn't had the sense to call Mum and Rob, I probably would have killed myself), I have decided that relationships are ghey and I don't want one for now. I don't want to end up being hurt again, or worse, being continuously hurt like Jack. He and Emily have split up AGAIN and he's depressed. Whoop-de-woo, I have to come home to a depressed brother. At least Nicky's not here. But I'm not ready to settle down and probably won't be for ages, which I explained to Danny, because he was getting neurotic about it, and he was fine after that. He says he has problems reading me. Welcome to my world, Welsh boy. We were going to fuck in Jilly's in a dark corner but typically, they'd fixed the sodding light and there was nowhere else - both toilets had cleaners in there who wouldn't have taken kindly to a couple having a shag. When we got back Danny wanted to fuck on the fire escape in Owens Park but I refused because it was cold and wet and I didn't want my skirt getting all covered in rain, so we went back to my flat and did it there instead. Danny was a bit knackered, but the sex was pretty good. I also got him to tie me to the bed. It was like a pornographic episode of Nancy Drew.
I need to stop comparing my sex life, when I have one, to my friends' - I did that when I was seeing youknowwho in 2002 and Helen had started shagging Jim. It only makes me feel more of a failure when I hear about Rae's graveyard antics and Helen's kinky shit and Duncan's ability to bed anything in a skirt. Each to their own. I'm sure that Paul won't be trying out S&M and Helen's probably sick of the missionary position. But at least Gina's honest about the ups and downs of sex, so to speak, and Paul doesn't show off. I thought he'd be like "I'm getting laid, you're not, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" but he hasn't, thank god.
I miss him. He's back in Chester next week, hopefully I'll get to meet up with him (and no, I do not fancy the guy, I'm over that now).
I'm hopefully going to be making a demo, now that I've managed to get an adaptor for the four track from Tascam (and if Jack's lost the mic, he's dead). I'm doing 10 originals, 10 covers. The originals, not that anyone reading this (apart from maybe Chloe) knows them, are Idol (yes, I know Wicker wrote it, this is the version with my lyrics); He's A Lady; All He Ever Wanted; Mango Lips; I'm Finding It Hard To Be A Socialist; Jupiter; Label; False Jade; Typical Product Of A Capitalist Society; and Homage To Catatonia. The covers are Me And The Farmer by the Housemartins; Do You Believe In Me? by Catatonia; Avenging Angels by Space; 15 Minutes by Kirsty MacColl; A Quarter To Three by Sleater-Kinney; Aerials by System Of A Down; Hole In The Head by Sugababes (the Owen version); Distinction by the Suffrajets; Superhuman by Wicker; and Northern Star by Hole.
Hole meet-up in three days. Whoop-de-woo.


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Apr. 6th, 2004 01:24 am (UTC)
Your demo tracklist sounds cool :-)
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