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If easily offended, sod off

Missionary. On the chair. Lying on my back with my knees touching my ears and being penetrated deeply. With my hands tied (I never thought I'd say this but I love being tied up). Doggy style (ow!) Me on top. Up against the door. Wowee.
Bisexuality isn't as fun as it sounds, especially when you're stuck between a man and a woman. But I'm going with the man...if he'll have me. And if the sex stays this good.

they call you: Lotte
old internet handles: As well as evillottie: Kobrakai (on Kittyradio), Ceres (on Spacetheband), Strawberry Gashes (on Buddyhead, not that I go on, I only joined to piss my brother off), Lotte Dolmayan (on the Catboard, not that I ever go on), SystemGrrlLottie (on the HARM board)
locale: We don't have pubs in Fallowfield, just trendy bars. Probably the Friendship Inn. In Chester, the Plough
age: 20
residing at: Oak House
last magazine read: More! (yay for trashy magazines)
last book read: Der fremde Freund - Christoph Hein
last tv show watched: Friends
last album heard in full: Suburban Rock 'n' Roll - Space
last person you perved on: Danny
last person you yelled at: Someone in 5th Avenue
last dream you had: one about Cerys Matthews, can't remember much
plans for tomorrow: Print off essay
plans for next year: Be a good little HARM secretary, work hard, play hard, get a girlfriend
plans for 2010: Wrestle a chicken...how the fuck should I know?
perfect night out: anything involving Jilly's, cool people and lots of alcoholic beverages
your fave piece of clothing: My trilby
favourite piece of jewellery: My clit ring
shoes most likely to be found on your feet: Black TK Maxx boots
items most likely to be found in your bag: Bottle of poppers, bus pass, wallet, keys
favourite record of the past 3 months: Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
favourite song right now: I'll Do Anything - Courtney Love
favourite video right now: I'm still loving that Outkast one
favourite movie right now: I wish I could say Kill Bill 2 but I haven't seen it yet
the five closest things to you: Highlighter pens (with which I spent many hours painstakingly colouring in my election posters), guitar, mug with cats on it, disposable camera, something from the JSoc about a fertility festival called Tu B'Shvat
four random things in the fridge: Lemon juice, veggie burgers, tomato puree, coffe panna cotta (mmmm)
three random items on your bedroom dresser: I don't have one, but on my desk: hole puncher, 5th Avenue flyer, tube of Savlon
two people you've talked to today: Joe, Duncan, the ginger guy I sat next to in German Lit
one favourite simpsons episode: Homer's Phobia. <John the gay man.