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I said I'd never talk about my sex life in this journal, but sod it...I got laid last night.
What happened was, I went to Korumba with HARM and all the usual suspects - Jim, Stacy, Emma, Chris, Farmer Dave, Welsh Dan, Matthew, Hazel etc. - were there. Matthew unfortunately was going to PoNaNa so didn't get to arse around with him in Jillys, but most of HARM went and I somehow ended up in the indie room getting off with Welsh Dan. He's fancied me for ages, apparently. And somehow, I ended up going back to his flat, and then standing against the door with him sticking his hand up me (in a good way, not like cocktrolley Adam) and me wanking him off, and then stripping off and shagging until 3:30am. Bearing Miriam and Ange in mind, we did it on the bed, on the chair and on the desk. That was pretty cool, although Dan nearly fell over.
There are, however, complications.
- Dan is fuckbuddying with some girl from HARM called Rachel. He doesn't like her that much though.
- I'm still texting Tess - I'm going to Queer with her tonight - and boy is she keen. Problem is, I don't know if I want to go out with her. It's not because I'm scared of a gay relationship, I just have the feeling she'd be a bit clingy, and after Owen, I really don't want to get involved with someone for a long time. I just want sex. So I am shallow, so sue me. (But not compared to Duncan - this is the guy who voted for a terrible contestant in Student Pop Idol, purely because she had big tits.)
- I fancy someone else. Problem is, he doesn't fancy me back, and moreover, he's Jewish. Now before you all start going "OH MY GOD LOTTE HATES JEWS!" that's not the issue, you know what I think about Jews (ie like with anyone else, I judge them on who they are and not what they believe), but apparently he's not keen on getting involved with women in case it gets serious, because at the end of the day he can only have a serious relationship with another Jew, and there is no way I'm giving up my religion for a bloke. I nearly did it for Owen, I'm not falling for it again.
Oh, and I went to see Space, but I'll write about that some other time.