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Elections. Elections. Eleections. All I can think about is ELECTIONS. I lost to a Megalomaniac who claimed she was going to make a Dykes Of Manchester calendar and cards identifying people by their sexuality. I can't believe people were stupid enough to vote for her when she's quite obviously going to do fuck all for gay rights. Ironically, the LGB campaigns officer came last. LGB were furious and they're going to appeal. Apparently all the homophobes voted for the Meg. It fucking figures. (The NUS conference was great, btw, but I can't be arsed writing about it.)
The count went on until 6am, although I left before that due to tiredness and extreme drunkenness. Some candidates I supported got in (Kate Byron got Women's Officer, Steve the Jackass guy got Gen Sec, Big Rob got Campaigns and there were a couple of others but I've forgotten). Others didn't. I've discovered that if you're up against someone from ISoc, you're screwed. Practically everyone on the new council is Muslim. I'm not arsed what religion a person is, but it's so stupid to vote someone purely because you're the same religion, or not to vote for a Jew just because of the situation in Israel! Hello? We're in the Manchester student union, not the West Bank! The worst was when this anti-Semitic twat called Carlos got in for Student Activities. One of the Jews cried when she heard. Apparently he condones terrorism. Swizz backed him. I didn't.
Swizz were giving me the evils because I was hanging out with the JSoc, but who cares? They're a laugh, and I'm not going to let my politics interfere with my friendships. (See also: Rob.) This bollocks has been pissing me off for the last 2 days. This conversation went as follows.
Lotte: "I'm going to stay for Matthew's result."
Little Rob: "Who?"
Lotte: "Matthew Granger."
Little Rob: "Why?"
Lotte: "I voted for him."
Little Rob: "Why did you vote for that right-wing shit?"
Lotte: "Because! He's a dude. I go clubbing with him..." Little Rob gives Lotte the evils. Exit Lotte in a rage.
Swizz all really hate Matthew. Why? Because he's a Zionist. And I should hate him for it, why? Am I a Palestinian? No. Is Matthew responsible for the deaths of Palestinian people? No. I don't give a toss if he's Zionist, I think he'd do a good job and that's what counts. I'll like who I bloody well want to. Besides, the guy is actually a SOCIALIST for fuck's sake. But whenever I talk to Matthew and Swizz members are nearby, they glare at me! How does talking to someone make me the same as them? I don't get it. I'm still pro-Palestine. And if Matthew wins - he thinks he won't, because he's up against an ISoc candidate, but I think he's in with a chance - I will laugh in Swizz's faces.
God, Swizz annoy me. I went for a meal with them last night and people were trying to get them to shut up about the election, me in particular as I was worried they were going to start on the subject of JSoc. They didn't, thank god. If they'd started slagging Matthew off, I would have walked out.
//14 questions//
1. What is one of your personal features that you obsess over constantly? My skin
2. What do most people think of the city in which you live? "Great music/gay scene" or "Full of scallies" or "It doesn't look anything like Corrie!"
3. What music do you constantly listen to when you're trying to get happy? System
-when you're pissed?- RATM
when you're trying to chill after a long day? Royksopp or Space
4. Do you take good care of your body? Notas much as I could
5. What is your 'type'? Cynical bastards with an evil sense of humour
6. Hamburger or Turkey Sandwich? Turkey, I don't eat beef
7. Do people think you're pretty/cute? (Don't be modest.) I hope so
8. Describe your computer's background/wallpaper? A photo of my flatmates in M2
9. What does life mean to you? I can't be arsed to think of anything to say
10. What makes you a good person? Altrusim and honesty
11. If you are of age, have you ever stayed out alone to last call? Yes
12. Do you like being alone? Yes
13. What's your morning routine? Get up, eat breakfast, shower, dress, walk to uni
14. What is your best talent? Being able to understand a different opinion from mine, which sounds ghey, but I'm pretty good compared to everyone in Swizz

1. Last dream: Something about terrorism
2. Last car ride: Probably in my mum's car
3. Last kiss: Tess, in Poptastic
5. Last Missing Library Book: I never lose them
6. Last movie seen: The Missing
7. Last Book Read: Bodas de Sangre by Lorca
8. Last curse word uttered: Fucking
9. Last beverage drank: Water
10. Last Food consumed: Peanut butter and chili sauce sarnie
11. Last Crush: a certain Zionist who Swizz don't like very much
12. Last phone call: Mum
13. Last TV show watched: Top Of The Pops
14. Last Item Bought: A photocopier card
15. Last time showered: Yesterday
16. Last shoes worn: Trainers
17. Last CD played: Suburban Rock 'n' Roll, I think the song was The English Language Let Me Down
18. Last MP3 Downloaded: something by Melys?
19. Last annoyance: see earlier
20. Last disappointment: see earlier
21. Last soda drank: Coke
22. Last thing written: Gunter Grass essay which I really should be doing now
23. Last key use: opening the door to my flat
24. Last words spoken: something about Anne Summers
25. Last trip to the bathroom: earlier
26. Last sleep: last night after I got home from Club Moose
27. Last IM: I think it was Chloe
28. Last barf: a couple of weeks back, I was purging
29. Last backrub: I haven't had one for aaaages
30. Last weird encounter: meeting some bint called Tammy who moaned she hadn't had sex for a week. And I haven't had sex since November 2003, darling. Shut the fuck up
31. Last Store Shopped at: the Union, to buy some water
32. Last ice cream eaten: a spoonful of Joe's chocolate one
33. Last time amused: standing on the union steps dressed up as a cat, listening to Bendy and Jon from JSoc doing their League Of Gentlemen impressions, and Matthew being generally weird
34. Last time wanting to die: after watching 4:48 Psychosis
35. Last time in love: Owen
36. Last time hugged: Jennie Bailey (Welfare Officer) at the conference
37. Last time scolded: I had a go at Tammy for bragging about her sex life. I HATE it when people do that, even if I AM getting laid
38. Last time resentful: see earlier


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Mar. 20th, 2004 03:59 pm (UTC)
fuck em. Who cares what they think.

and yeah i'm drunk.
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