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I have just read Gina's reply. Elephant sex? Wtf?!
Updated my website. It now has pics from Space's Liverpool gig last year. One of Rob kissing me, and he looks like he's sucking a lemon. God I mean I know I'm ugly, but I didn't know my face made a man react that badly. (Note: if Rob is reading this, this is a joke, honey!)
I am beginning to feel sorry for poor little Avril Lavigne. I know I said I wanted to strangle her with her tie, but the level of hate generated at her is ridiculous. I don't like her that much; I liked Complicated at first, but then it got ridiculously overplayed and drove me nuts. (See also: Sk8er Boi - learn to spell, love - and I'm With You. We've got digital now and about 6/10 times whenever I flick onto a music vid channel, you can bet yr life that there will be an Avril vid showing.) OK, so the faux punk bollocks does get annoying, and she does look like the female member of Busted that never was, but the way people talk about her on the Hole site you'd think she was Saddam Hussein instead of a bored teenager making Alanis Morrissette-ish records. Talk about misogyny. These punk purists need to get their heads out of their arses. It's just pop music, lighten up! Anyway there are worse things out there. Like Christina Aguilera - although she's got a lovely voice - and that stupid bitch Geri 'Look at me, I tried to be a wank fantasy but got turned down by Page 3, ooh I'm such a feminist' Halliwell. People may laugh at riot grrl, but at least the bands were real feminists, rather than claiming that high heels were empowering and that pointing yr finger, stripping off and generally acting like a brainless twat constituted being a feminist. Mel B is supposed to have said, "We did for women what Nelson Mandela did for blacks." I hope to god she was misquoted, I really do. I could rant on about the stupidity of that comment for ages, but quite frankly I can't be arsed and I don't want to bore you even more than I already have, like.
I want to go to Glastonbury. Leeds is cancelled. Thank you, o bog burning bastards! Would have to be on my bloody campsite as well.