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Things people would never say

Rob: "DJs are not musicians, and there is no passion or feeling in dance music, it's just noise made on computers, anyone could do it..."
Duncan: "All I want is to settle down with a nice woman and start a family."
Helen: "Sex isn't everything in a relationship."
Adam Burley: "Sex IS everything in a relationship."
Owen: "I don't care what religion you are, I still love you regardless."
Miriam: "Current affairs? Booooring. Couldn't care less."
Pete (one of the exes): "Drugs are bad, mkay?"
Joe: "Oh god, change the channel, that stupid tart Britney Spears is on again."
Jack: "Emily? Who the hell is she?"
Clare: "I really fancy a McChicken Sandwich right now. With lots of fries."
Adam the Campaigns Officer: "Yes, of course, Seb. I'll second that motion. This Union needs to recognise the needs of all students and not just the ones who are in Swizz."
All of Swizz: "I'll always listen to the other side of an argument, even if I don't agree with it whatsoever."
Tori: "Is anyone up for going to Jillys?"
Steve: "That's OK, I'll wait until we've been on a few more dates."
Franny Griffiths: "I'm open to criticism, I'm sure it'll benefit me and help me improve my music."
Matthew: "So when's the next Friends Of Palestine meeting? I'm well up for it."
Gina: "Has anyone got any charlie?"
Simon: "Drugs are for losers."
Paul: "All I care about is me. I am the centre of the universe. The rest of the world can go to hell!"
Lotte: "I hate Jews. Disgusting Zionist Sharon-loving bastards, the lot of them!"
Jo: "Sod men, I don't need them, all I need is a Rabbit and I'm happy."
Katy: "The Manics are overrated."