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The flatmates are off to watch Starsky And Hutch. I'm not in the mood, I have to pack for the NUS Women's Conference in sunny Coventry (wonder if I can visit Paul while I'm there?) and I'm still tired from the Krazyhouse. And before I start, I'll say one thing: I dreamed about having something special for my birthday where all my friends could come to Manchester and stay over. Not plausible! Gina has to work and is too poor; I'm not speaking to Vicky; Rob has work and I doubt he'd want to go to any of the clubs I like (although I reckon he'd like 42nd Street); Chloe is ill; Paul would probably refuse (I never know where I stand with him now, and am too afraid to ask); and I don't know if Jo and me are still friends. She totally gheyed up my day for me. Her and fucking Tony Blair (who's in Manchester at the Labour conference). I went on an anti Blair protest with Swizz, Stop The War, Amnesty and pretty much all the lefties in Manchester who could be arsed going. I was stuck next to some knobhead who thought he was Roddy Woomble and kept yelling "YOU JUST HAVE TO BE WHO YOU ARE!!" Adam and Little Rob tried to make me carry the Union banner but I'm too short and didn't fancy walking for an hour with my arms in the air, so they gave me an SWP flag instead. I felt like thumping some of the Swizz guys because they thought it would be really funny to sing "Seb Dance is full of shit" (he's the Communications Officer, and a nice enough bloke, but Swizz hate him because he was against the 'Manchester Uni Officially Hates George Bush' motion. Seb hasn't bombed any countries, you twats. Leave him alone.) I hung around afterwards and listened to a few speakers from CND, Palestine, Green Party and Respect, then got the wrong bus and nearly ended up in Moss Side, but luckily escaped.
Swizz chants:
"This is not liberation / It's illegal occupation"
"We all live in a terrorist regime" (to the tune of Yellow Submarine. Owen's favourite.)
"Tony Blair, you can't hide! We charge you with genocide!"
"Hutton was a whitewash / There were no weapons"
"Tony Blair, we know you / Daddy was a Tory too"
"Occupation is a crime / Free Iraq and Palestine"
"Tony Blair doesn't care / Lied when he said there were weapons there"
"Troops out of the Gulf!" (to the tune of Get Down On It)
"Bush, Blair, CIA / How many kids did you kill today?"
"Tony Tony Tony, out out out!" (Mum and Dad used to do this one, except it was about Thatcher)
"Who let the bombs drop? Bush! Blair! Sharon!"
"Tony Blair, wanted for murder / terrorist!"
"Stop the USA armada / Globalise the intifada!"
"No justice, no peace, troops out of the Middle East"
So, the Krazyhouse...I was hanging around the Union watching all the nasty little mini moshers queueing up for Mest (if a band has fans that are smaller than me, it's a bad sign), then went inside and necked absinthe. I didn't really know any of the HARM people who turned up apart from Stacy, Chris, Matthew, Paul, Mike (he wasn't in the Union, but as he was at home in Liverpool for the weekend, he met up with us in the Krazyhouse) and Jim (and it was nice seeing him again, I thought he'd stopped coming to Jillys!) After a bus journey involving Matthew writing in Hebrew on the windows, Robin breaking a bottle of wine and everyone drinking Chardonnay, we went to the Swan first, the scouse Grand Central, where I drank a vodka and coke that was mainly vodka with a teeny bit of coke in it, and managed to frighten Matthew and Jim by asking them if they'd get their cocks pierced (they replied in the negative, although Matthew is considering getting his nipple pierced). Chloe texted me worrying that I wasn't going to turn up, but thankfully I found her just in time in the Krazyhouse, although, alas, she only stayed until 11:30. Then half an hour later Jo turned up. Which is when it all went wrong.
I was dancing to Korn with Jim and Matthew and then Jo turned up with a hideous man on her arm. She greeted me, then went back to kissing him and basically ignored me. I thought she was in the Krazyhouse to see me...well, more fool me. Then she got a packet of fags out. Jo doesn't smoke. I yanked the fag out of her mouth and tried to steal her fags to stop her, I didn't get them, I keyed my arm. The reason? Well, one time ago, Jo had a go at me for cutting, and quite frankly, anyone who's stupid enough to smoke, or in Miriam's case, do drugs, has NO FUCKING RIGHT to tell me not to cut. Plus she's an alcoholic, and she used to have stomach problems that were made worse by her excessive drinking. I offered to join her in self harming, so she put the fags away and then ignored me. Oh well, it's sad because we used to get on so well, but she's gone mad. She wants her best friend Mad's name tattooed on herself. I mean, I love Rob to bits, but I'm not getting his name tattooed on myself. That's just...pathetic. Jo is fucking obsessed with Mad. She's even going to give up her friends, her life in Liverpool and Wicker, just to move in with her. The woman is insane. I also think she's bisexual, but won't admit it. The woman has issues. I just hope she's not going to become a pill head, although I wouldn't put it past her. Anyway, screw her. If she cares about some random guy who she doesn't even know more than her friends, it just goes to show how she really feels about me. I'm disappointed, I missed her and wanted to catch up, but she was too busy eating a minger's face to even fucking care.
A mad goth woman with blue hair stood on a barrel and performed the Macarena to Nine Inch Nails; I joined in and Jim laughed at me. I danced like a mad beast to Chop Suey with Mike (he is the only HARM person who loves System Of A Down as much as I do). Matthew and Stacy were tired and spent most of the night on their arses. Some drunk scally fell on me and Matthew and spilled WKD on me. Ghey. Nick complained about the smell of puke. I bumped into Sophie aka Lilylils from the Hole site. Paul kept asking me for amyl, Mike stole my trilby, and a good time was had by all, generally...
We left at 2:30, Stacy doing her nut because she was worried we'd lost some of the HARM kids, but they were safely in the bus. Half of us slept on the way home, the other half talked bollocks. Paul told me about 5 times that he'd met this gorgeous woman who looked like Angelina Jolie in Jillys, and that he'd seen Rammstein. Hoorah for being a student of German, I can listen to Du Hast and feel smug that I know what it means! When we got back to old Fallowfield, Matthew told Jim and his friend to vote for me, which was really sweet of him. I'll be voting him for council, and not just because he is sex on legs, but because he's intelligent, does not talk out of his arse (except when discussing Physics related crap with Welsh Dan), and is open minded (despite being a Zionist, he doesn't hate me for being pro Palestine, because I made a point of saying I DO NOT CONDONE SUICIDE BOMBING, and it's sad how the Swizz girls wouldn't join in the vigil for the victims of the train bomb in Madrid purely because Seb, Matthew and some Tory and Labour students were involved, the close minded bitches. Now, I had better shut up or I will start ranting about anti-Semitism coming from Swizz members towards J-Soc purely because of that bastard Ariel Sharon's actions towards Palestinians).


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Mar. 14th, 2004 01:29 pm (UTC)
"We all live in a terrorist regime" (to the tune of Yellow Submarine. Owen's favourite.)

Oh my god, I nearly just laughed myself into a coma at this one. That is brilliant. Guess what I'm going to be humming for the rest of the week?
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