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So much has happened!

This is the gayest LJ comment I've ever written. And it doesn't even mention Joe.
I went out with LGB on Tuesday to Poptastic, via Mantos, the Baa Bar (why didn't I go before? It's dirt cheap and not too camp) and the Dutch Pancake House. I don't think they like me that much because I'm running for LGB secretary, yet haven't been out with them. This is because 1) flatmates are always doing stuff on Tuesday and 2) my AOL account buggered up so I had to reregister on the mailing list with my Hotmail account, therefore I missed out on stuff. Some of them were nice - most of the gay men I met were cool - but they're a pretty cliquey society, although not as bad as Swizz. Bev (my rival) was there, she seems nice. She's their Campaigns Officer so she has more chance than me. Still, rather her than that twit from Megalomaniacs...and I have Swizz, HARM and the Women's Group on my side.
So we were in Poptastic and this woman comes up to me and asks me if I'm gay, because her mate fancies me. I say I'm bisexual, she tells her friend, her friend comes up to me, we kiss, she buys me a drink, we end up sitting in the passageway between the two rooms acting like the lesbian version of Paul and Jilly. Her name is Tess, she's a year younger than me (surprise surprise), she's going to read Law and Psychology at Liverpool uni, she works in a bar and she's from Bolton. No Peter Kay jokes, I decided. She was pretty keen, she even gave me money for the taxi home! A good sign. We're meeting up in 5th Ave. I'm shitting it. I've never been out with a woman before. I like her, though. I just wish that I didn't fancy someone else as well...argh...and the fact that he's a man doesn't help.
Oh and I NOW HAVE A HOUSE!!!! I'm moving in with Janine, Amy and Sara (the last two of which are in the Women's Group - it was Kate who told me about them needing a housemate). The house is in Braemar Road, near Ange, Joe and Duncan's house, my rent is £44 and my room is tiny but the decor is nice and it's in Fallowfield, thank god, I like Fallowfield (but not as somewhere to have a night out). They're feminists, lefties and Manics fans. I can tell I'm going to like them.
I can't stop coughing. I had to walk out of my seminar yesterday because I was coughing like mad. Ugh. I think Tess has my cold. I feel so guilty.