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That's my new slogan. Custard the Cat is going to be my mascot. Well, he IS pink. Then again, someone had something along the lines of "Vote me because Fat Hobbit says so" and I don't want to be accused of plagiarism. I'm shitting it because I'm up against someone from the LGB committee, and one of the Megalomaniacs. However, I have the mighty Swizz on my side (and I am never going to one of their planning meetings again, Paul was right, they're crap), plus Kate proposed me, and it helps if someone who's a big cheese in the Union knows you. On the negative side, the LGB women are going to be like "Lotte? Who the fuck is she? She never goes to meetings!" Plus Big Rob from Swizz reckons that LGB is full of Tories, so the fact that I've mentioned that I'm a member of Swizz, SAAR and Friends Of Palestine won't help. I could write more but I'm going to the Dutch Pancake House with LGB tonight, woo.