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Who's Yr Daddio?

Went to see the Meddler on Friday in the Northgate Arms with Kirstie and Gina (she's mates with them after all). They were great - they did my favourite song which is called Total Presentation or something. Due to drunkenness and possible influence of illegal substances, they arsed around a lot and had a few technical problems tuning their instruments; to keep us happy, Ollie and Wordy covered the Pink Panther theme. Dogtanian would have been better, but nevermind. There were loads of people there - Scotty (getting gay with Jim), Jim (me, Kirstie and Gina twisted his nipple), Simon, a now short-haired Stu (obviously - he's the fifth Meddler), Nick (obviously - he's one of the bar staff), Sparky's brother, the Meddler's girlfriends (Zoe, Danny, Jess and Charlotte) and some guys from HMV with Cooper Temple Cause hair. We all yelled for an encore and they came back on and did Who's Yr Daddio? (crowd pleaser, and incidentally it's on my Oxfam tape - maybe someone from a record company will come in, hear the song and go, "Wow, who's that band? I must sign them!" - like, ha ha, yeah right, as if!) So I had three vodka and cokes and a Tia Maria and got reasonably pissed, although not as much as Gina who was completely shitfaced, as she kept telling us. Some random twat came up to us and asked us if we were from around here - well, considering Gina has an American accent the answer is PRETTY BLOODY OBVIOUS. Unless I'm mistaken and we live in Belize.
So anyway we went back to Jim's house and were later joined by some of the Meddler (Ollie and Sparky), Emma, Stu and some other people, got nicely stoned and I got to the Laughing At Random Things stage. Simon, Ollie, Jim and possibly Emma and Nick were doing coke - Simon and Ollie snorted it off of the back of a CD case. It was like something out of 24 Hour Party People - we even had Joy Division on but it didn't go down very well. How To Kill A Party, Step 1: put Joy Division on. Scotty told some very bad jokes, like:
- A man wearing nothing but clingfilm goes to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist looks at him and says, "I can clearly see you're nuts."
- An egg and a sausage are in a frying pan. The sausage says, "Fuck me, it's hot in here." The egg says, "Fuck me! A talking sausage!"
- Q. How many ears does Captain Kirk have? A. Three - left ear, right ear, Final Front-ear.
Not as bad as Nick's jokes, mind:
- Q. What is green and slimy? A. Green slime.
- Q. What is brown and sticky? (Gina: "Poo!" Me: "Treacle!") A. A stick.
And no way am I going to tell the stupid wide mouthed frog joke.
Nick incidentally was singing the worm song and Jim lobbed paper at me because I said in a sarcastic voice "Oh yes, I REALLY want to see Jim's testicles wrapped in clingfilm." Ooh, get her.
At about 2:30 Gina got tired so me, her and Kirstie went back to her house and she threw up on the way. Niiice. I got home about 3:10 and had 4 hours sleep and by the time I got to Oxfam I was practically dead. Fuun.


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Mar. 3rd, 2003 07:52 am (UTC)
tell the truth lottie!!!
you and i had wild monkey sex in the back of a car and kirsty belly danced for the men in a whale suit!
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