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Three nights of Jilly's...yay!

I'm sitting here in my underwear recovering from a hangover caused by too much vodka and amyl (thank god the Jaegermeister fairies weren't in Jilly's last night). Everyone in the flat was either working (Joe), with mates (Steve), home (Birgall and Miriam), going to shitty Double Vision at Man Met (Tori, Philosophy Phil, Jack and Duncan - he apparently drank 100 shots of beer, no wonder he was so shitfaced) or having a quiet night in (Ange and Faresh), so I decided to go to Jilly's and nothing bad happened, apart from being stuck on a bus with some mad drunk scallies. One of them nearly got into a fight with some student, who probably committed the heinous crime of looking at him. I have had it up to here with mad drunk people, when I was coming home from the Cuban photography exhibition (which I'm supposed to be writing about for Spanish) there was a maniac on the bus who was shouting stuff at everyone who walked past him. He eventually got chucked off, thank god. The bus driver was going nuts and one of the stewards heard the maniac calling a black guy a "black cunt". Don't get me wrong, I love alcohol, but I hate being stuck with drunk people, especially when they start on you for no reason whatsoever. You're just sitting there minding yr own business and some cunt starts yelling at you. Please.
More updates:
- I'm running for LGBT Secretary in the Council election. Swizz have an evil plan to get as many members on Council as possible. If they think I'm going on to represent them, they can piss off. I'm representing lesbians and bisexuals, not Marxists. Luckily, the likes of Matthew and Sean are running - they're socialists but not in Swizz, and decent enough blokes. They're getting my vote and not just because I shagged one of them and fancy the other.
- I played in Bruins on Monday. Birgall was gutted because he turned up literally just after I'd gone! I did 15 Minutes and Superhuman, and amazingly people liked me, even Owen. It was weird actually, Birgall and me were sitting there having a drink when I saw a tall skinny guy with frizzy hair carrying a guitar and I was like "Shit, is that Owen?" and it was. He told me all you had to do was ask the guy organising the bands to give you a slot, so I did, so he said I could. I legged it back to the flat and picked up my guitar and lead. I was shitting it. I think I might go back in 2 weeks and if Owen's there, I'm singing Hole In The Head, and not the Sugababes one either.
- Tori's in Pop Idol of the Uni kind. The songs she has to sing are crap, unfortunately.
- Clare and Donna are probably getting back together. I went to Poptastic with them and scored with this cute butch lesbian with big tits. She was very squashy. I've finally found a gay club that plays good music and not just camp crap. Joe needs to go there, he'd like it. His music taste is reasonably un-gay, apart from the fact he likes Kylie. And Steps. Ugh.
- I did the feminist movie with Kate and Co. It was pretty funny, especially when people thought Kate was a real builder and got her to move a barrier! The store bit where people put signs on the dummies worried me a bit, the security guards were giving us nasty looks. Can't wait to see it.
- I MIGHT, I said MIGHT, be moving in with some of the women's group. I spoke to one of them last night, she seemed nice. She's in the Vagina Monologues so it will be some time before we can get anything sorted. But...*hits desk*
- The new Space site is extremely ghey.
I had better go and put some clothes on and try to write something about Cuban photos.