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What else can I say? Everything is ghey

Ghey things have been happening. Here goes:
1) I was diagnosed as having an inflammation in my left arm and I have to take Ibuprofen, which means my stomach is really painful, which means that after eating a Chinese buffet and then going to Jilly's, I had to keep rushing off to the bog. Nice. Plus I spent the entire train journey to London feeling like shit.
2) I have to do a debate for History, about the revolutions of 1918-1919, and I haven't got a clue what to say. It didn't help that the lecture with the info was the one I missed because I was going to see Space.
3) Birgall is moving in with a load of people, but I can't move in with them. So I'm in halls next year. Steve says the same happened with him and Duncan, but at least Steve's with people he knows next year.
4) The computer is being ghey and keeps crashing on me whenever I try to do more than one thing at once.
5) The Space site has gone. For good. Basically, the mods have been having problems communicating with the band, they'd been promised stuff and then been let down, plus they weren't allowed to have opinions on what songs they like and what songs they don't like, and Yorkie kept nagging them to do stuff. The catalyst for the closing was, the mods wanted to sell some copies of the new single, HMV wanted them to link to the Space ordering bit, the mods wouldn't, Yorkie and Mark Cowley (Space's manager) got arsey, and the site got closed down. This is the epitome of ghey. I've offered up my site as a surrogate forum but it's no way as good and besides I don't have the emails of everyone who joined the site. I can't believe Yorkie would be like this, and he is an ungrateful, rude, hypocritical piece of shit, but at the same time, although I sympathise - the mods have put so much work into the site and deserve better treatment - I'm a bit fucked off at them for depriving all the fans. We're not involved in this bullshit, it's going to be pretty fucking hard to communicate with other Space fans now, and ironically loads of people joined just before the closure. It'll be hard to get updates, plus I miss chatting to Franny - after the Now I'm History! incident, we sent nice messages to each other. Thank god, Franny and the other two weren't involved. I'd be gutted if he was but he only came on the site to chat with us. Quite frankly, when I see them with Steve and everyone it'll be hard not to smack Yorkie in the face. He evidently doesn't want to keep his fans!
On the plus side:
1) I'm going to the NUS Women's Conference.
2) Kate the Women's Officer and Matt are both going to the NUS Conference. Matt got the most votes. Ha ha, Swizz people (although a few of them got in, luckily the nicer ones).
3) Space and Raging Speedhorn next month.