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Boy do I feel mean for writing that essay

WHO: Space
WHERE: The Metro Club in London
WHEN: 17th February 2004
WITH: Rae, Jonny and Katy
SUPPORT: Hard To Fly (I think, I can never remember their name)
SET: None
BEST SONG: Single Bed
BEST BITS: Meeting the band, obviously; Franny's melodica (and I got pics of it too); Tommy getting the verses to Neighbourhood mixed up; premiering two new songs, The Rat Song and Single Bed (to be fair, they probably did them at the Life Cafe but I missed half of the gig, thanks to Rob and having to work the next day)
WORST BIT: For the first time EVER, they didn't do Me And You Vs The World (despite Jonny begging them to or he'd cry and ruin his manly image). Leon's excuse was, "I forgot how to play it"
COOLEST PERSON: Franny, just because he was so nice to me after the gig (and Leon remembered my name!)
RATING: 4/5, much better than the last gig I saw
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN? Funnily enough, I'm going next month, possibly with Steve
This isn't verbatim, my memory's not that good. But it's pretty damn close.

Lotte: "Hello Franny!"
Franny: "Hi Lotte."
Lotte: "Erm, buenas noches..."
Franny: "I'm not speaking Spanish tonight."
Lotte: "That's ok, I can't, I'm pissed, no, I'm not pissed, I'm nervous."

Lotte: "You know what? You should download some Tool."
Franny says something I can't quite make out.
Lotte: "You don't like Tool?"
Franny: "I didn't say I don't like Tool, I said I've never heard of them."
Lotte: "Well, if you like Radiohead, you'd like them, they're like Radiohead but metal and weirder." (Sorry for the crap analogy, Gina!)

Franny: "Here, come and have a seat."
Lotte: "Thank you. Oh my god...you were brilliant...thank you so much...you've really made my night."

Lotte: "I feel like an arselicker saying this, but yr Jukebox Babies are brilliant. I'm surprised you like metal, I thought it would be full of trance and house and stuff. I never thought you were a Manson fan."
Franny: "No, I like Marilyn Manson. I like the heavy shit. I can tell you a story about Marilyn Manson..."
Lotte: "Is it about pubes, by any chance? When he asked Jamie to drop his trousers and prove he was ginger and then he showed he had ginger pubes?"
Franny: "Yeah, Marilyn Manson's got ginger pubes."
Lotte: "I know, I've seen Marilyn Manson's pubes."

Lotte: "Thanks for getting me into Crass."
Franny: "Yeah, Crass are great."
Lotte: "I downloaded some of their songs. Mickey Mouse Is Dead, Punk Is Dead...yeah, they're good."

Lotte: "Foo Fighters - brilliant. Placebo - good. Manson - love him. You like practically all the same bands as me, it's quite scary. I'm surprised you're not a System Of A Down fan as well!"
Franny: "System Of A Down? That's funny y'know, a few people have been telling me to check them out!"
Lotte: "They did Chop Suey, have you heard that?"
Franny: "Don't know any of their songs. What do they sound like?"
Lotte: "A bit like Dead Kennedys, but madder and heavier. Do you like Dead Kennedys?"
Franny: "Yeah, me and Tom used to listen to the Dead Kennedys, the Pistols, the Clash in the '80s. I like Joy Division, New Order as well."
Lotte: "Yeah, I fucking love Joy Division. New Order are yr favourite band, aren't they? System Of A Down are mine. You should get Toxicity. It's got Toxicity, Chop Suey, Aerials, all the singles on it...it's the best one. Do you know Rage Against The Machine at all?"
Franny: "Rage Against The Machine...yeah...I've heard some of their songs."
Lotte: "I think you'd like them."

Lotte: "Yeah, I like my trilby."
Franny: "Y'know, we were going shopping today cos Yorkie wanted a fucking trilby...no, not a trilby...what's that hat that Mr Benn wears?"
Lotte: "Bowler."
Franny: "Yeah, Yorkie wanted a bowler hat."

Franny: "Are we friends now? We had a bit of a fall-out, didn't we?"
Lotte: "Yeah, it's cool."
Lotte and Franny shake hands and embrace.

Lotte: "Did you go to see Cerys Matthews at all, now she's gone solo?"
Franny: "No...I've still got her number."
Lotte: "She lives in Nashville now. Got a husband and a daughter. She's a folk singer."

Lotte: "Are yr kids like into the Hives and stuff?"
Franny: "Yeah...the little fella likes the Hives."
Lotte: "He must be the coolest kid in his class. So he's not into Britney Spears or S Club Juniors or anything like that."
Franny: "Yeah, they like the Hives...and Will Young. That's a swear word."
Lotte: "Franny, you're gonna laugh when you hear this, and this is all my mum's fault, but erm...I like Will Young." (NB: only Leave Right Now, readers, so shut up.)

Lotte: "I'm glad you're coming to Manchester University, I'm a student there, I do languages, I do German and Spanish. It's weird for an autistic person to do languages."
Franny: "No, it's not weird. I speak German and Spanish."
Lotte: "You don't speak German!"
Franny: "Yeah, I do."
Jonny says something incomprehensible in German.
Franny: "I told you, no languages tonight!"


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Feb. 19th, 2004 02:20 am (UTC)
*has strange image of Yorkie in a bowler hat*

:-D Hee hee, cool!!
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