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I'm the only gay in the village, Myfanwy

WHO: Lostprophets
WHERE: Manchester Academy
WHEN: 16th February 2004
WITH: No-one, Megan couldn't make it
SUPPORT: The Bronx and someone else
SET: They didn't have one, not so much as a giant transformer. Bah.
BEST SONG: Either Cry Me A River or Five Is A Four Letter Word
BEST BITS: The man dressed up as a rabbit appearing and stagediving; covering Cry Me A River; Ian Watkins' bonhomie (see below)
WORST BIT: When I got in a small catfight with an annoying teenage girl who pushed me. There was a little group of them, all acting hard and smoking and probably drunk on alcopops. Bah, I hate kids. And they didn't do Kobrakai - what the fuck is that about? It's the best song on the album, you cocks.
COOLEST PERSON: Watkins the Voice. He did a bit of the old vibing up the crowd, and got us all to shout "Happy birthday Dennis!" to one of the techs and "HEYYYY!" to the poor sods outside in the rain
RATING: 4/5 (but not as good as when they did Academy 3, where I'm going to see Space next month incidentally)
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN: Maybe. I think they're doing Reading, so touch wood, I may soon

x. I hate: the government
x. I miss: Owen Rafferty
x. I fear: scallies
x. I hear: the intense humming of a computer
x. I search: for companionship
x. I wonder: if I should get Franny Griffiths' sig tattooed on my neck
x. I regret: too many things to mention
x. I love: my clit ring, Rob, System Of A Down, playing guitar, sleep
x. I ache: in my arm
x. I always: break my diet
x. I am: in a lot of pain
x. I want: Franny Griffiths' babies (see above entry, I actually wrote this three days after the Lostprophets gig)
x. I have: sexuality issues
x. I wish: Swizz would stop stalking me
x. I am not: a commie
x. I dance: badly
x. I sing: when my flatmates aren't here
x. I cry: too much
x. I am not always: miserable
x. I write: on this journal more than I should
x. I win: pub quizzes
x. I lose: my temper whenever I read the Daily Express
x. I confuse: Steve
x. I should: hoover my floor but I can't be arsed with the Dustbuster