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I hate Valentine's fucking bastard Day

People in my house who are going to celebrate Valentine's Day: Miriam, Steve, Joe, Ange.
People in my house who aren't celebrating Valentine's Day due to being single: Tori, Lotte, Birgall, Duncan (Steve says he has a girlfriend, which is bollocks, Duncan doesn't do relationships, only one night stands. The closest he got to a girlfriend was Lorraine's mate Racehl, and then he shagged Joe's mate Bethan, and it all went tits up.)
Bah. Thanks, Owen, you cock. Speaking of which, I was in Squirrels with Welsh Dan from HARM (I have to call him that because there is another guy in HARM called Dan and he's from Clitheroe) and fucking Owen was there, watching Friends. When we were both at the bar, I said "Hi Owen" and he ignored me. For fuck's sake, I should be the one being rude, not him, considering I'm the one who got dumped. Anyway, I got pretty shitfaced and I think Dan fancies me, and he's going to Jillys tonight and I may join him and possibly even get a shag, but I don't fancy him that much and besides he likes porn. I'll be honest and admit I only want to get fucked because I don't want to feel left out.
Here is a ghey survey from Sammi aka Violet Malibu's livejournal.
-Name- you know what my name is, fuck off
-Birthplace- London (to be precise, Lewisham)
-Current Location- Manchester
-Eye Color- hazel
-Hair Color- red
Righty or Lefty- left-handed and left when it comes to politics
-Zodiac Sign- Taurus

My favourite...
-Music- System Of A Down, Sugababes, Hole, Rage, Space, Boy Sets Fire, Lostprophets, Jack Off Jill, Sleater-Kinney, Housemartins, Justin, Suffrajets, Wicker...oh sod it, you know what music I like
-Cartoon- The Simpsons. If we're talking old skool, ROOBARB!
-Color- green
-Slushy Flavor- I don't drink them, they taste of artificial shit
-Magazine- Heat
-TV Show- League Of Gentlemen, Series 2 (and at the moment, Footballers' Wives)
-Song at the Moment- Me And The Farmer - Housemartins. Been playing it to death
-Language- surprise, surprise, es ist Deutsch (it's German you peasants)
-Spice Girl- Emma Bunton, although Mel C is fit now that she's grown her hair and started eating sensibly
-Subject in School- German and History
-Ice Cream Flavor- Haagen Das Cookies and Cream
-Roller Coaster- Megaphobia in Oakwood in Wales

-Your most overused phrase on aol- I don't have AOL. Generally, "Stfu" (I really should stop going on Kittyradio), "Fuck off Steve" or "Garlic bread?"
-The last thought you go to sleep with- I'm drunk / if anyone from Flat 34 or Duncan wakes me up, I will kill them
-The first feature you notice in the opposite sex- eyes
-The Best Name for a Butler- Reginald
-The wussiest sport- darts
-Your best feature- my nose
-Your bedtime- between 12 and 3am
-Your greatest fear- death
-Your greatest accomplishment- winning the Modern Languages Award and getting my rudes pierced
-Your most missed memory- my dad

My Preference is either...
-Pepsi or Coke- diet coke
-McDonald's or Burger King- fuck off
-Single or group dates- both, I went on a date to Kill Bill with Owen AND the flatmates
-Adidas or Nike- neither. Both are evil. If pushed, Adidas because Korn did a song about it
-Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers- chicken goujons, I don't trust nuggets, I bet they have diseased Thai chicken brains in them
-Dogs or cats- cats
-Rugrats or Doug- Rugrats
-Single or taken- I'm single. Don't remind me.
-Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea- all tea is minging, I'm past the phase where I drank the dregs of my dad's tea
-One pillow or two- one
-Chocolate or vanilla- chocolate
-Hot chocolate or hot cocoa- hot chocolate
-Cappuccino or coffee- coffee
-Boxers or briefs- boxers

Do I...
-Take a shower everyday?- every 2 days. No, I don't smell.
-Do you think you've been in love? *cough*Owen*cough*he who shall not be named*cough*
-Want to go to college?- I'm there, baby
-Like high school?- I hated it
-Want to get married- no
-Type with your fingers on the right keys?- no, and I shouldn't be typing because my left arm is starting to hurt
-Believe in yourself?- I can do
-Have any tattoos/where?- none yet but I want an Egyptian cross/ankh on my hip
-Have any piercings/where?- 6: 2 in my left ear (1 top, 1 bottom), 1 in my right ear, 1 navel, 1 nose, 1 clit hood
-Get motion sickness?- yes
-Think you're a health freak?- I'm a wannabe health freak. I'm trying to eat healthy meals, pasta, chicken, fish and whatnot but today I lost it and ate three chocolate eggs from Thorntons. I'm not going to purge, though
-Get along with your parents?- usually. Obviously I barely see them now
-Like thunderstorms?- yes
i am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

But I am not as indie as Steve.