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Yes, you've guessed it. Emily and Jack are back together AGAIN, after she went with him to A Perfect Circle. Apparently Tess is fine (if I was her there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth, like there was with Owen). I knew it wouldn't work out, after all, it was a rebound relationship.
Kurz gesagt, this is my brother's chaotic love life.
- Jack meets Emily at a party, starts going out with her.
- Emily dumps him. Jack cries a lot and stops eating. (Funnily enough, a certain person gives Lotte the push two days later.)
- Jack and Emily get back together.
- Emily cheats on Jack. Jack goes around the house in a bad mood. They split.
- Jack and Emily get back together.
- Jack decides relationship isn't working, gives Emily the push. Emily cries a lot. Jack panics and gets Mum to drive him after her. Jack and Emily have a long talk.
- Jack and Emily get back together.
- They decide the relationship just isn't the same, and split up amicably. Jack gets a new girlfriend, Tess.
- Jack and Emily get back together.
And round and round we go. This will never happen to me, as I barely talk to Pete and hate Adam, and Owen probably thinks I'm a maniac. As for my fuckbuddy...let's not go there, eh?
In other news: Tony Blair is coming to Manchester (bad); Footballers' Wives is back and more dramatic than ever (good, especially bitch queen Amber Gates); I'm applying to steward at Reading and Glasto (good, especially if I end up on shifts with Edie and Paul respectively); I'm getting shooting pains in my left arm which might be RSI (bad); I'm going to see Lostprophets on Monday (good); and Space the next day (even better, and expect longwinded reportage).