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I might go back to bed, I've got a bad hangover. Very very bad. I think I had about 3 vodka and cokes, 1 Baileys and about a quarter of my little bottle of absinthe. Everyone finished their exams and was in the mood for celebration so we (apart from Ange who's at home, Tori who's with her fella in Hull and Steve who was in Tescos) went to the Bop, but the queue was awful and after about a half an hour I thought "Sod it" and went off to the Queen of Hearts with Michelle, Jess and Annie. It was packed and took forever to get served but twas cool anyway. Annie pulled two guys and Michelle and Jess had some ugly guy called Mark hitting on them. Apparently his chat up line was "I think you're really really nice". Urgh. And Andrew (Michelle's ex) was there with his psychopathic ex-girlfriend, which led to Michelle being very pissed off and continuously slagging him off back in Flat 34 while we were all watching Futurama.
Then I went back to my flat and found Birgall playing on the GameCube and he told me that...oh my god...this makes me feel even worse...Duncan and Bethan (Joe's mate who's staying here at the moment...were having a shag. Urgh. We had to turn up the TV cos Duncan's bedroom is next door to the kitchen and we could hear his bed bouncing up and down. Apparently the two of them were shitfaced and Duncan was flirting with Bethan so she chucked water over him and then he shagged her. Oh man. So I played my guitar very loudly to drown out the copulation and then Phil, Lorraine and Joe came back with a pizza and we discovered that we'd been sent a threat by one of the wardens. They're not happy about the road signs in our kitchen.
I'm jealous of Duncan (even though he was so shitfaced I'm surprised he could get his cock up) and Steve (he's going on a hot date tonight). How do they do it? What have they got that I haven't? How does Steve manage to get laid so much? Although having said that, Steve is a sex-on-the-first-date guy and doesn't want a relationship, just sex. He's even worse than me.
I think I'm going to go to bed now. I might collapse and hit my face on the keyboard. I should be doing my laundry but I can't be arsed.