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Why I joined SAAR

I got attacked on the bus last night.
What happened was: Joe, me, Duncan and his mate Ani, who's Asian, went to see Scary Movie 3 (thanks, movie industry, for 2 hours of my life which I will never get back, although the funeral scene where the woman explodes made me laugh my arse off). We got on a bus and went upstairs as downstairs was packed. Upstairs was pretty quiet, apart from some 13 year old scally girl sitting at the back and evidently pissed off her face. She was shouting something about condoms and I turned round to see where the noise was coming from and she yelled, "What are you looking at, you speccy bitch?" so I apologised and turned back round.
We were all talking about bus fares or something when she and her friend came to the stairwell and she started talking at us. We ignored her, but then she started on Ani. When Ani argued back she was like "Shut up, this is my country, I can say what I want, get out of my country, you Paki bastard" etc. and threw vodka over him. Ani got mad and stood up, Duncan restrained him and told the scally girl to back off. She started yelling at him and then spat in his face and gave him the "It's my country" bullshit. Then she saw I was looking at her and said "What are you looking at, you dirty ho?" and I said "He's British" and was trying to get Ani to calm down, and she hit me. It didn't hurt that much, but I was too shocked to move. Then Joe went mental and yelled at her to fuck off and pushed her, and the woman with her told Joe to back off and Joe said, "Don't touch my friends!" Eventually they got off. I was really shaken and started crying, not because I was hurt, but because I was angry at myself for not beating the shit out of her. (Takesy tells me I'm stupid for thinking that, but I feel I should have done something, not that Ani is a wuss, he's done kickboxing.) I know she's a kid and she was pissed and stuff, but people who say that shit are no better than Nazi scum and deserve to die.
As a witch, I believe in karma, and I hope the little shit fell in the road and got run over. Or that some angry Asians beat her up and left her for dead.
Tori found out about it and said she was glad she wasn't there, if she had been and that girl had called her a nigger, she would have gone mad and probably kicked the crap out of her. She's done jujitsu. Or worse - thank god Joe didn't bring Wade. Black and gay - not a good combination if you're on a bus with a bigot.
I hate my horrible white skin. I am ashamed of my colour. Not that I'm dumb enough to think whiteys don't suffer from racist attacks, but whiteys are the ones who are more guilty of racism than any other ethnicity. It came as a shock because, being from Chester, I've never seen that. I've heard people telling jokes about blacks and Asians, but never saying "Go back to yr own country" and hitting them. I don't care what Paul or anyone else says about kids like that being misinformed, there is NO EXCUSE FOR RACISM.


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Jan. 27th, 2004 08:37 pm (UTC)
New Zealand is like a huge meeting of the United Nations.
I remember being in High School, when we had cultural week - a whole week dedicated to different events like dress up day, international food day, and theres a concert at the end of the week. It was nuts and so cool watching the concert - every item was different, chinese drama, korean girls doing a routine to pop music, indian vhangra dancers etc. And for every item, there was a group of families going absolutely nuts for their girls. It felt amazing, but I also felt lonely. I went by myself, and I realised I dont really have a culture to speak of. Sure, I can identify with Maori because I was raised in New Zealand. But I'm not tangata whenua.

I fucking hate racism with a passion right down to my bones.
Age or drunkeness is no excuse, that little cunt will get hers.

And if I was there I would have kicked her arse.
Jan. 28th, 2004 11:51 pm (UTC)
Halz, I'm applying for anti-racism secretary on the student union council, which means I get to take part in anti-racist campaigns. I'm even more determined to do it after what happened.
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