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Bloody History essays

I'm shagged out. No, not literally, ha ha. I think I got about 6 hours' sleep last night because I was in Jilly's, AGAIN (thus proving some twat off the Hole site who says everyone on it is a sad loser with no life WRONG!) with two people off the Hole site, Danny (E-Bow) and Sophie (lilylils) who'd come all the way from Lancaster. Jilly's isn't bad on a Saturday, Duncan and Birgall (and maybe even Joe, if we left him in Room 4) would probably approve. Danny had cat ears and was pretty out of it. Sophie was nice, she had a pink tutu on. Practically every woman in there was gay, but did I get any girl action? Did I fuck. I came close with a girl called Sally who was in Danny and Sophie's group, but I don't think she was gay. She was nice, though. And I wish my period hadn't started, I kept getting cramps. Jilly's incidentally will be the venue for the Hole meet-up; it'll be weird. So far I've met: Mark/Mumrah666, Nobuko/Scarlingrrl, Edie/Applebed, John/Spasticaguy, Mary Jane/Outsmarted, Siobhan/Whoreface and TammyMachine at Reading (Beautyfiend, the twat who used to slash her tits, was there but we didn't see her, and apparently Sarah/Tinydancer, Mel/Seduction and Lyns/MyMelody, America/Katgrrl and RubyRage were all at Reading, and we didn't get to meet them, which is a shame as Mel is a legend); Danny, at Reading and then in Jilly's; Tre, lilylils and Eris (fuck knows who she is) in Jilly's; and I've spoken to Paul/Drunkenllama on the phone (he sounds like Yorkie).
My History essay isn't going well. It's sitting there, looking at me, going "Come on Lotte, 600 more odd words to go. You know you want me." There is only so much I can write about the bloody 1848 revolution and why it failed. I am totally shitting it, I mean, if I get 50% I'll be happy! (This is one reason why I wish Owen and me were still together. He's a fucking History student.)
The flat is very quiet. As I write this, Ange, Birgall and Steve have all gone home. Joe is doing his coursework, Tori's in church, Duncan's probably sleeping and god knows where Miriam is. Ange's (delayed thanks to exams) birthday celebrations are in two weeks, thank god, I think everyone will be relieved that we can partay again without having to worry about annoying people who have exams (parties are banned at the moment), although I'm enjoying the quietness.
Now here is a ghey quiz, you're supposed to guess, but I thought I'd do one for Gina and see how right I am.
1) What is my middle name? Georgina, her first name is Ana, but DON'T call her that
2) What is my favourite colour? I think it might be green or purple
3) Do I have any siblings, and if so, what are they called? None
4) Do I have any pets? If so, what and names? None unless Aidey counts, ha ha
5) Favourite 5 bands? Tool, A Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, Hole, Deftones
6) If anyone, who is my Idol? Aidey?
7) Which famous person do I obsess over the most? She's not really the obsessive kind
8) Favourite kind of food? Mediterranean, ha ha
9) Do I prefer blondes or brunettes? I dunno, but Aidey's a brunette
10) What is more important to me in the opposite sex, looks/personality? Personality
11) Favourite song? Don't know
12) Favourite film? Fight Club
I got this off Chantal's website. Is it me or is she the female version of Dave? Except she's nice and likes decent bands and she doesn't keep going on about her sex life and how much money she has and how me, Lindz and Batty are all hypocritical bitches just because one of us made a flippant comment about shagging in someone's toilet or something we've bought. Sorry, but I had a flashback to when Dave told Lindz she was too young at 16 to be in love, which is laughable because 1)Jack was in love at 15, and I know it was love, I lived with him and got to witness his Emily-worshipping, and 2)Lindz has been in long-term relationships and Dave seems to have a new girlfriend practically EVERY FUCKING WEEK. Or at least he did when he came on the Space site. God I hate him. He's the only person on the Internet who's really pissed me off, even more so than the idiots on the Hole site. Unlike the idiots on the Hole site, my flame war with Dave came from something that happened in real life, to Jo. I'm not going to write about it now, can't be arsed, meh.
If Space people are reading this and thinking "Oh, get the fuck over it, Lotte" I have, but I'm still angry about what he did to Jo. I hate it when people fuck with my friends, be it Tom Healing and Rob, Simon and Gina, Nikki/Russ and Paul, whatever. Especially the Paul thing, which I'm not going to go into out of respect for him, but I will say this: if anyone treated me like Russ treated Paul, I wouldn't forgive them, I'd beat the shit out of them.
Hell. Is. Other. People.


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Jan. 25th, 2004 04:29 pm (UTC)
Hey who's this? You added me
Jan. 25th, 2004 05:59 pm (UTC)
Just for Katy...
Just in case: hello Sammy, this is Lotte, aka Kobrakai of Hole fame. Katy, it's a long story. I'm a bit cagey about posting this as Chantal reads my journal and she's mates with Dave, but I think she knows about it anyway. And I don't really like going over it again, but you asked me. So.
Background: in 2001, Jo was really ill. She had this horrible stomach problem which caused her to throw up whenever she ate. She was also being bullied. A lot of girls were stabbing her in the back and being cruel. Plus, Catatonia split up and she got quite upset about it, plus she had to deal with her boyfriend going back to uni.
Anyhoo: Phil took Jo to the Dingwalls gig, the one where you met her, and Dave was there, and they'd known each other from Catatonia sites and stuff. They were emailing each other and phoning each other and Dave went to the Krazyhouse with me, Jo and Rob, back when we were friends. It all went wrong after that.
Dave somehow got to know Cerys Matthews, and he emailed me about how he was going to hang out with Cerys and joked about getting his picture taken with her in Heat and stuff. He told me to keep it quiet from Jo, because he thought she was going to take advantage of him and use him as a way of getting to meet Cerys. Now as you know, Jo knows Yorkie, and any fool would realise that Jo could easily get Yorkie to get her to meet Cerys. But she's never done it. I mean, they were both at a Catatonia gig, for fuck's sake, and Jo could have asked Yorkie to take her backstage. But she didn't. Anyway, Dave eventually told Jo this and Jo got mad, saying to me that she wouldn't use people to get to Cerys. This is when it all went wrong.
I was talking to Dave on MSN and trying to reason with him, saying that Jo isn't a user, but Dave claimed she'd told him she was going to use Phil, Yorkie and her dad to get to meet Cerys. I didn't know who to believe so I asked Jo, and she was furious and denied everything. I wasn't sure if I'd misread Dave so I emailed him asking what Jo was supposed to have said, he repeated all the bullshit, and I sent it to Jo. She got angry and denied it all.
Also, Jo was borrowing some of Dave's CDs and had a relapse and had to go into hospital, and Dave made a joke about Jo 'conveniently' getting ill so she could avoid giving them back. She was pretty upset about it. And he made some nasty comments about her relationship with Phil, and how Jo was two-faced, etc. I had a go at Dave over it and told him to stop emailing me. Then it all got really nasty, with me and Dave bitching at each other over the Space site. I will hold up my hands and admit I said some cruel things, but then he said some nasty things about Jo and my autism and stalking Franny, which is bullshit, I'm not like that.
Jo emailed Dave before the Unity gig asking him to let bygones be bygones, as she didn't want any trouble, and also because I was seriously worried Dave would attack me at the Unity gig. He'd said something to Jo about "I'll have them two on the floor" which either applied to me, Rob and/or Phil (Rob was also involved - he threatened to go on the Space site and have a go at Dave, but I told him not to) and how he was going to "ram her wand up her arse". The fact he threatened Rob worried me even more, as he hadn't said anything, but Dave knew that Rob and Phil really hated him. Luckily there was no confrontation at the Unity gig.
This is all true, I'm not making any of it up. I love Jo to bits, even though we've grown apart now she's moved, and I miss her a lot. Anyway, Jo and me are over it now. She still hates Dave, but she wants to forget him and everyone else who's stabbed her in the back.
I've said my last on this now.
Jan. 25th, 2004 04:51 pm (UTC)
Lotte, aka Kobrakai.
Jan. 25th, 2004 05:07 pm (UTC)
ah that person may not read it, as you have to click reply to their comment.

what did that twat dave do to jo?
Jan. 25th, 2004 05:59 pm (UTC)
See above.
Jan. 25th, 2004 07:13 pm (UTC)
Is it me or is she the female version of Dave?

Should I be insulted? In what ways am I like Dave cos I really wouldn't want to be very like him. Yeah sometimes we'll get on ok and he can be a laugh and cheer me up if we're both in the right frame of mind but he has a habit of saying things that really wind me up yet he doesn't seem to understand why. I'm not gonna bitch about him on here again cos last time he read it and used it against me, but yeah, we get on ok in small doses but I hate the way in which I've become associated with him, especially on the Space forums, but a lot of that was nothing to do with me.

Except she's nice and likes decent bands and she doesn't keep going on about her sex life

He he, well I'll take that bit as a compliment :-) Not that I exactly have a sex life to go on about anyway, but if I did I still wouldn't :-)
Jan. 25th, 2004 07:27 pm (UTC)
You just talk like him and stuff. Is all. And you're obsessed with Catatonia. But you've not got the same personality, you're alright, he's a cock.
Jan. 25th, 2004 07:28 pm (UTC)
Oh, and I didn't mention you in that thing cos it had nothing to do with you, you were never nasty to Jo and she likes you, it was between her, me, Rob, Phil and Dave.
Jan. 25th, 2004 08:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah that's true. I heard bits about that from Dave but he tends to remember things in a very strange way and kinda twist the truth rather a lot so I've learnt not to believe half of what he says. Which worries me quite a lot when I think about what he must have said about me to other people. I know he talks about me a lot, as people have told me, but they rarely tell me what he's said. I'm sure a lot of it is crap though. I just hope people don't believe it. Though sadly I think they often do.
Jan. 25th, 2004 07:41 pm (UTC)
You just talk like him and stuff.

Yeah? Hmm. I guess I see what you mean. Certain phrases an' that we probably picked up off each other. I hope I don't use some of them in quite the same way though.

Still, whatever. I guess it just bothers me that people associate me with him so closely.
Jan. 25th, 2004 11:26 pm (UTC)
I don't think people do. What I meant was, yeah, you use the same phrases as him. I do that with a lot of my friends. And I don't tend to think of you as connected to Dave. I'm sorry if I offended you, I honestly wasn't meaning to be nasty and it was just a passing comment.
Jan. 26th, 2004 09:10 am (UTC)
Yeah that's cool. Sorry, I was obviously a bit touchy last night!
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