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So I was in the Krazyhouse with Chloe last night, and I gave her a late Xmas present of Fast Food Nation, and she already fucking has it. Oh dear. The Tea Factory, incidentally, is one of the nicest poncy bars ever. Especially because it serves Thai hashbrowns. I think I drank a Coffee Toussaint (aka Tia Maria) and a Creme de Cassis while in there (the absinthe was too expensive), and then 2 Afterschocks and a Taboo in the K. Music wasn't bad, they played Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and surprisingly, Coldplay amongst others.
I think I'm about to fall asleep and whack my face on the keyboard, I've been out the last 3 nights in a row. I was completely wasted off my face on Wednesday. They sell absinthe for £1.99 in Lloyds. And then on Thursday I was in Jilly's and met a guy called Tre from the Hole site. He looks a bit like Lee from Lostprophets.
Oh, and thanks for the survey, Gina.

LAST LONG CAR RIDE: Dunno, I take the train for long journeys
LAST GOOD CRY: When my parents had a fight, indirectly over my dear stepsister
LAST MOVIE SEEN: The Princess and the Warrior (German film)
LAST LIBRARY BOOK(S) CHECKED OUT: Some stuff on German history
RECEIVED: Gina, I think
LAST CD PLAYED: My Suffrajets single, Distinction
LAST ITEM BOUGHT: A drink in the Krazyhouse
LAST ANNOYANCE: Discovering that Chloe already owns Fast Food Nation
LAST CRUSH: Owen Rafferty (cue miserable Radiohead music and slitting of the wrists)
LAST KISS: Some twat in Loves who looks like Mike from Linkin Park
LAST COUNT OF HOW MANY OF YOUR FRIENDSTERS YOU'VE KISSED: Gina's not that way inclined, and I've never met Haz or most of the other people (except Katy)
LAST ICE CREAM EATEN: Oh, fuck knows, chocolate brownie?
LAST REGRET: Buying Fast Food Nation for Chloe when she already has it

My stepsister is moving out next weekend. After nearly a year. I mean, it was before I got the job in Hateleys for fuck's sake. That's how long she's been with us. And yes, I know she got beaten up by Paul and everything, but I have my reasons for hating her.
- She's a coke head
- She shags around
- She's a liar
- She steals things, and of course Jack gets blamed
- She lets Georgia run wild and trash our stuff, like these wooden tulips we've had for aeons, and this tartan china thing my aunt gave my mum, and when it got broke the stupid bitch lied about it
- She reads the Star
- She never cleans up after herself, even Jack's tidier than her
- She and Georgia have trashed our spare room so much that Mum's going to have to redecorate
- She had a go at Jack for playing his guitar, which is pretty cheeky considering she always has her disgusting trance shit on at full blast
- She talks in a stupid fake Scouse accent, a la scallies
- She's lazy and expects my stepdad to run around after her all the time
- My mum's been more than reasonable letting her stay in our house, use our spare room, our electricity and our TV, and eat our food, and Nicky's not said one word of thanks. Mum even went to the trouble of converting Jack's and my rehearsal room into a playroom for Georgia, which Nicky won't let her use
- She's really horrible and arsey to Emma (the nice stepsister) whenever Emma tries to help her
- My parents are always arguing thanks to her, and of course my stepdad takes everything out on my mum
Anyone who wants to criticise me, don't bother. You weren't there. You don't know. Anyway, she's moving in with one of her friends, and my parents are relieved. Jack feels guilty about it, but well, his problem.
Bye, Nicky, you stupid cunt.
As promised for Chloe, and going off on a tangent, here are my top 10 alcoholic drinks:
2)Afterschock (especially the blue variety)
4)Tia Maria
6)Vodka (especially the peach and violet flavoured ones)
8)Creme de Cassis
10)Tequila slammers
My top 10 cocktails/shooters:
1)Mudslide (or Mudhoney if in Bruins)
2)Purple Rain
3)Baby Guinness
4)Slippery Nipple
5)Woo Woo
7)Pina Colada
8)Havana Club or whatever it's called (it has Malibu and other stuff in it. I had it in Germany)
9)Devil's Blood
10)Summer Fruit Cocktail (it's not alcoholic, it's a fruit drink, but it's fucking lovely)