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Happy. New. Fucking. Year.

20 years of Lotte Holmes. My god. How scary.
Last night I was supposed to be going the Krazyhouse but Chloe was too ill so I ended up going out with Gina, Aidey, Zoe and Kirstie to the Bear & Billet. It was surprisingly quiet, that is until all the crowd (the Meddler guys and groupies, Jim, Simon, Scotty, Dribbling Nick, Emma, Nick the creepy drug dealer, Jonny and a load of others I didn't know) turned up. We hijacked the top floor and ate most of the free food. I wish I hadn't, I nearly puked the next day and the fact I'd been drinking Baileys and vodka and coke didn't help. At midnight they played some cheesey old '50s shit and Simon apparently tried to molest Zoe (he hasn't changed, what a cockmonkey). Then we went back to Gina's to pick up the booze and headed off to her old place with Nick in tow. Nick kept coming on to Kirstie and talking about nothing. What a sleaze. He nearly got the shit kicked out of him by scallies as well.
It was a bit of an anticlimax at the house, there were a few people there, including Simon who was being a complete and utter twat. Now I really do know why Gina hates him. First he kept trying to grab my drink while Nick was being pretentious and rambling on about Bacardi, and I was helping Aidey to tune someone's guitar. Then he kept hitting Sparky. Eventually Jim started yelling at him in the kitchen. I don't think he was doing drugs, he's probably one of those people who's naturally a knobhound. At about 2:15 Gina was feeling a bit tired and/or fucked off at Simon, so we left. Then when we went back to Gina and Aidey's place, Scotty was coming on to Kirstie and I got really upset and jealous and started having one of those "I'm-such-a-social-reject-and-nobody-wants-to-fuck-me-and-I'll-be-alone-forever-with-only-a-cat-and-my-hand-for-company" moments. I feel bad now, I must have made Gina feel pretty awful. Although she didn't act like she felt awful but she could have done without it after being stuck in a room with Monkey Boy.
So we watched The Wrong Trousers, then Eight Legged Freaks, possibly the shittiest film ever (even Anaconda was better, in that it was actually scary - Eight Legged Freaks is about as scary as My Little Pony), then went to bed at about 5 and I got only 3 hours because I was freezing my arse off and the floor was pretty uncomfortable, although it was luxury compared to when I slept on a tractor rut at Leeds 2002.
God, I hate coke heads. Thank god Helen's not interested in it. Yet. God help us if Jenny starts doing it. Whenever Jenny does something, Helen's bound to do it as well. I know people will think "You're like that with Paul", and I admit he has influenced my music taste, but that's it; if Paul suddenly announced he was gay (at which point everyone goes "I told you so"), or got his lip pierced, I wouldn't copy him.
Emily and Jack have split up, this time it's for good. Or is it? Red Shed - Jack is their lead guitarist, and I very stupidly whored them to Sparky last night - played a blinder, apparently. They were even better than Jonny Panic. I was at Granny H's house so I missed it, but I wouldn't have been able to go even if I was in Chester, as Jack wouldn't let me. Rotter. I wish I wasn't banned from his gigs.
The Bambi Series (according to Lotte and Gina):
Bambi 2: The Revenge
Bambi 3: The Reckoning
Bambi 4: The Resurrection
Bambi 5: The Bloodening
Bambi 6: The Dinner Party
Bambi 7: The Diarrhoea (subheading: Bambi Returns)
Apparently I am a Mega Music Nerd (57.00483% on the Music Nerd test). I have a feeling that if Steve or Jack did it, they'd score 70% plus.