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What I got for Christmas

From my parents: Harry Potter-esque scarf, books by Michael Moore, Jeanette Winterson, Naomi Wolf and Nigel Slater, a Thai cookbook, stripey socks and tights, albums by Asian Dub Foundation (Rafi's Revenge) and Radiohead (OK Computer), a Bad Girl's Diary, a Bagpuss calendar, The Usual Suspects on DVD, a lava lamp, a CD carrier.
From Jack: Absolution by Muse, my album of the year.
From the stepsiblings: River Cafe cookbook, Cadburys selection box.
From the Beswicks: a student cookbook (Jack also got one).
From the McGinns: a tenner.
From paternal granny: shower stuff, champagne chocolates, £30.
From maternal granny: Maltesers, the Chicken book in Delia Smith's series.
From Birgall: peanut butter (I got Steve in Secret Santa and gave him Phoenix Nights Series 2. He was thrilled.)
From Rob: a bottle of South African white.
Only one more week to go till Loves closes! I hate to admit this, but I've missed the place. Last Friday was bloody awful. For a start, Vicky is being a complete and total arse because she can't handle the fact that Clare is going out with her ex, and doesn't want to be friends with Clare any more. I can understand, I would be a bit upset if, say, Owen started shagging one of my friends, but Donna (I refer to Dimps by her real name now) and Vicky had been apart for AGES by the time Clare and Donna got together. She should be over it. Plus, Clare's uncle is dead and her grandad is ill and her mum isn't taking her kid's bisexuality too well, so she has enough to deal with and needs Vicky's support rather than being stabbed in the back. Clare wasn't in Loves, she was in the Krazyhouse with Greg and Joe et al - I wasn't invited, but I think Greg is a cock so I don't care, and I'm going there soon anyway - but Donna was and I'm glad, because she was my rock. I was pretty drunk and still hadn't had my period, so there was that to worry about. Plus, Paul turned up with Jilly on his arm and I really wanted to talk to him but he spent the entire night eating her face (Paul, word of advice: women do not like having a tongue shoved down their throat every five seconds.) Every time I saw them, I was reminded of me and Owen and I got pretty down and out of control and started writing 'slut' and 'bitch' on my arms, and felt an urge to scratch Paul's eyes out. I'm not kidding, I love Paul to bits and think he's great, but seeing him with Jilly makes me want to hurt him. I don't know why this is. I mean, this is what I don't get: Paul and Jilly are not going out. They're fuckbuddies. Except they don't have sex. They meet up in Loves, Paul ignores all his friends and pretends that him and Jilly are going out, and they spend about 9/10 of the time with Paul ramming his tongue down her throat. SHE DOESN'T LOVE YOU, TAKESY, YOU TWAT! Of course Paul gets uptight when I ask him and I know it has nothing to do with me, but it is driving me up the wall. Are the girls at Warwick so minging and/or horrible that he has to resort to a pretend relationship?
Last Friday was better, all the usual suspects (that film rules, I watched it last night) were there - Sarah, Pippa, Marco, Joe, Clare, Donna, Paul (complete with midget lesbian in tow), John Bailey, Josh and the elitist twats. Russ kept dancing with Jack. What a cock. Paul as usual had his lips glued to Jilly's face and his tongue rammed down her neck. People kept asking to wear my trilby. Goddammit, I should charge people to wear it. Exactly the same thing happens in Jilly's. The music was boss and I didn't pull anyone but meh, I'm past that "let's go to Loves and see how many people I can snog in one night" phase. Unlike some people (hello Steve).
Saw Gina last week, went for a meal with her and Aidey and Scotty in the Bear & Billet (we were going to go the Albion but the food sounded horrible, all red meat which I'm trying to give up, and there were British flags everywhere and beermats with 'No Euro' on them). Her flat is tiny but nice enough and at least it doesn't have Simon in it. There's a horrible old woman upstairs who always complains about noise so Scotty thought it would be funny to play the didgeridoo at her. Simon is still being a cock. Some people never change. Also saw Rob on Monday - he seemed really happy with his Brasseye DVD, but he was a bit quiet. He had a nasty cold. He's still going out with Sarah and he's going back to Newcastle on Tuesday which is annoying as I want to see more of him but well, hopefully he'll be able to come down and see me on my 20th. I still miss him.
Helen and Jim have split up. She spent Christmas at her aunt's house. She thinks she's bisexual, but knowing Helen she's probably just curious.
Only 3 more weeks and I'll be back in Manchester with Tori, Duncan, Joe, Birgall, Steve, Miriam and Ange. I haven't heard from any of the crowd at uni, apart from Megan sending me a nice Eastenders-related text (Alfie and Kat's wedding - it was cheesier than Love Actually, and that's saying something!) on Boxing Day.