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Random listage

5 Men Who Should Have Been On The Boys Of Manchester Calendar 2004:
1) Owen Rafferty
2) Matt the Jewish sexgod from HARM
3) Jim the communist sexgod from HARM
4) Tom Emerson (fit Manics fan in German Oral / History class)
5) Jake Lawy (big haired guy in my Spanish class who lives a couple of blocks down from me)

The 5 Best Things on Rathergood.com:
1) The Spongemonkeys singing We Like The Moon
2) The Buffy Swears keyboard
3) The Northern kittens in flat caps dancing to Elbow's cover of Independent Women
4) Spoonguard
5) The cartoon with the frightened little boy and Britney Spears

The 5 Things I Miss About Chester:
1) Having my laundry done for me
2) Gina
3) Loves
4) My family
5) Can't think of anything else

5 Bastards:
1) George W Bush
2) Nick Griffin
3) Paul (Nicky's ex, not Takesy, obviously. Because it's all his fault she lives with us in the first place!)
4) Adam Burley
5) Franny Griffiths
(The jury's still out on: Pete Wood, Owen Rafferty and Emily Hopkin)

5 Good Things That Happened This Year:
1) Going to see the Deftones
2) Reading
3) Meeting Owen
4) Leaving home and going to uni
5) The Bush protest

5 Bad Things That Happened This Year:
1) Nicky moving in with us
2) The Iraq war
3) Jack continually being screwed over by Emily
4) Being dumped by various boyfriends (first Pete, then Adam, then Owen)
5) The notorious email incident

5 Jobs I Have Done:
1) Supervisor at Oxfam Fairtrade, Chester
2) Receptionist at RSK ENSR, Helsby
3) Fax clerk and dogsbody at Hateleys, Liverpool
4) Data entry slave at Legal Marketing Services, Chester
5) Receptionist at Gifford and Partners, Chester

5 Bands I Have Got Into This Year:
1) Christina Aguilera
2) Boy Sets Fire
3) Cave In
4) Sparta
5) Suffrajets

5 Best Gigs:
1) Reading
2) Deftones
3) Radiohead
4) Muse
5) Sugababes

5 Most Overused Phrases:
1) "That's just wrong"
2) "Bite me"
3) "Funk me with a spoon"
4) "Gor blimey Charlie"
5) "Garlic bread?"