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iSN'T Amyl nitr\ate brilliant? I am not going to edit this just because I want to see what typing in ze journal on amyl nitrate is like and ytes I know it;s a drug that small kids do in a ttempt to be devilishyld aring and whatever but I like it and it makes me bounce around insanelty to Chop Suey, oh wait I already do!! So anyway yes, the Suffrajets rocked and I will post about them in the gig guide. And Emily and Jack have split and I might be up the duff, thanks Owen you bastard!! I am not keeping it I hate kids so FUCK YOU!!!!!! And I'm going to see My Ruin and i have fallen in love with Matt the Jewish sexgod from HARM but he probably thinks I'm an idiot. I support Palestine, he supports Israel, fuck that makes the war sound like a Liverpool Derby! Actually no I am being paranoid. Aiiiieeeeeee!