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Here's another one...

The Interactive Neighbours Episode

A house has become available on Ramsey Street...a house that you've never seen on television before. A house hidden by the cameras because it looks well...a little bit feral. But now, finally, a group of loud-mouthed youths have decided to rent the house and Ramsey Street will never be the same again...

Lotte: Well...looks like we've finally moved in...

Takesy: Yup it certainly does...

Duncan: This is gonna' be great !

Takesy: Yup it certainly is...

Duncan: Well...why don't we step over to Lou's Place and have us a drink to celebrate?

Joe: Sounds mighty fine to me...

Minutes later Lotte, Takesy, Clare, Duncan and Joe appear outside Lou's Place...the local pub. Duncan looks at their watch.

Duncan: Hey it's only 10 in the morning, isn't it a little early to be drinking...?

Everyone Else: Nah.

Duncan: Well...okay then.

The group walk into Lou's place and up to the counter.

Lou: Well if it isn't Ramsey Streets newest residents! What can I get for you?

Lotte: G'day Lou you numbnuts. Get us all glasses of absinthe please.

Lou frowns but says nothing. Then turns away to get the drinks. The group enjoy five more drinks of the same before stumbling home sometime later carrying bulk supplies of Jaegermeister for tonights house-warming party.

Takesy: Now that Lou is a GOOD bloke. Know what I'm saying? Really, he knows where it's at.

Lotte: Takesy you're drunk!

Takesy: Nah...

Everybody laughs

As the night rolls on, people start to filter into the party and the Jaegermeister supplies steadily begin to diminish. Half way through the evening Felicity Scully enters the room. Takesy stands up and raises a finger to her.

Takesy: Felicity you're a hoe!

Felicity looks embarrassed, Lotte grabs Takesy and pulls them down to the couch. From across the room a voice is heard...


There is a general roar of approval from Lotte, Clare, Takesy and Joe and they all dash outside to begin looking for stones. On the way out Clare bowls Felicity Scully - who is still looking embarrassed - to the ground and she wails in pain.

Joe: Yay! Check this out I got some stones!

The rowdy - and very, very drunk group - begin to throw stones at the Kennedy residence. Within minutes Dr Karl appears wearing a dressing-gown...

Karl Kennedy: Hey! Move along you lot or I'll call the police!

Lotte: You wouldn't call the cops you piece of -

A stone thrown by Duncan hits Dr Karl dead in the face and he collapses backwards, holding a hand to his nose...

Lotte: Oh Jesus what do we do?

Takesy: Run!

The group begin to sprint off down the street...but Harold Bishop suddenly appears in their way...

Duncan: You'll never take me alive Jelly-Belly!

Harold: Now wait just a minute -

Duncan pulls out a cattle prod and uses it on Harold. Harold screams and gasps, then collapses onto the ground.

Clare: Oh my God, now we are REAL criminals, thanks a lot Duncan.

Lotte: Don't worry, nobody saw...we can just hide the body and -

Felicity Scully: I saw.

Takesy: Oh great it's the hoe.

Takesy leans over and grabs the cattle prod from Clare.

Takesy: Take this you hoe!

Felicity screams as Takesy uses the cattle prod on her.

Lotte: Great, just...GREAT. Now we have two bodies to get rid of.

Karl Kennedy: Why would you want to get rid of the bodies?

Lotte spins on a heel and stares at Karl.

Lotte: Okay now hold on a second, this is getting a little scary. Where do all you people keep springing from?

Karl Kennedy: Never mind that...see the thing is that it's not the season finale of neighbours yet...so none of the major characters can die. You see, we always end the year with a death or a near-death to keep the crowds interested...do you understand?

Already the two bodies on the ground have started to squirm...they are alive...

Lotte: Okay now THIS...is a little scary...

Takesy: I'm outta' here...

Lotte: Yeah you know what...I am too. Maybe it's time we started that family we keep talking about.

Takesy: Oh...that...yeah well, we'll see...

Lotte: What about the rest of you?

Clare: Nah...actually...I kind of like it here...

Joe: Yeah...maybe we can start that family together now Clare...

Everybody: What?

Clare: Err, nevermind...

Duncan: Yeah I think I'm gonna' stay as well...Imagine it. A world that you can only die once a year in...It's paradise.

Lotte: Well...okay then...Goodbye everyone I guess...except you of course Takesy.

And so it ends. Lotte and Takesy walking off towards the sunrise hand in hand ready to find a new life. Whilst behind them, Ramsey Street is a mess of underage teenage drinkers, a wounded Jelly-Belly and Felicity Scully...a Doctor with a broken nose and a house with broken windows...And everyone here knows that Ramsey Street will never be the same again. Ever.