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Stolen from Chantal:
1. Favorite Album Cover Art?
Mark Ryden's cover for Clear Hearts Grey Flowers by Jack Off Jill. Also one of the Tool albums that's all shiney and weird, I think it's Opiate, where is Gina when you need her? And Sergeant Pepper is a classic

2. What album(s) do you own in more than one format?
I am not one of those anal 'I have to have every single single, vinyl, CD etc. so that I may prove my worth and Cerys will love me' Catatonia fans, unlike some people (*cough* Dave *cough*), so none

3. Analog or Digital?
Analogue, yes I am old fashioned, bite me

5. What albums of your parents did you borrow or steal?
Loads off my mum. Kirsty MacColl, Beatles, Abba, Costello, Suzanne Vega, some Greatest Hits of the 60s thing (that might have been my stepdad's). She steals from Jack's collection. When it comes to music, my little brother is officially the coolest person in the family

6. Secret guilty pleasure album?
You're expecting me to say Spice Girls, aren't you? Well it's not, it's the Limp Bizkit one I bought off Jack. So nyah

7. Favorite movie soundtrack?
Kill Bill or The Matrix

8. Favorite compilation album?
Ladyfest 2003, and this Best Album In The World...Ever! with a green cover, it's from 1996, has Skunk Anansie, REM, Space, Mansun, Oasis (The Masterplan, their best song ever) and various other great things, and it reminds me of my little indie grrl phase

9. What do you drink when you listen to ______?
Vodka, Baileys or wine when listening to Beyonce Knowles or Joe's Now Whateveritis album

10. Top 3 on your wishlist?
1) OK Computer - Radiohead
2) Tomorrow Comes Today - Boy Sets Fire
3) Something by the Dead Kennedys

11. Favorite place to buy music?
Oxfam, I haven't been yet but Steve informs me it has some great stuff and he always has a fat bag of vinyls whenever he's been there

12. First concert?
Space, Manchester Academy, 21/11/98

13. Best concert ever?
Reading 2003, obviously. See my entry, I can't be arsed to go into it again

14. Favorite venue?
Manchester Academy. It's fairly small and intimate and I've seen Space, the Lightning Seeds and Super Furry Animals there. I also like the Masque in Liverpool

15. Farthest you've travelled for a show?
London for the Deftones

16. Favorite crooner?
The almighty god Frank Sinatra

17. Favorite musical decade?
The 90s (riot grrl, Space, Manics, RATM etc.)

18. Favorite label(s)?
Kill Rock Stars

19. You're the DJ at a small party of close friends. What do you play?
RATM, Space, some ironic cheese, White Stripes, Stevie Wonder, System Of A Down (especially if Paul was drunk), and a bit of funky house or electronica to keep Rob happy. Of course, it will get played anyway as he'd hijack the decks

20. What do you listen to when you are getting ready to go out on the town?
Something heavy, a bit of Bikini Kill, Deftones or SOAD is always good

20 1/2. When you first wake up?
I'm too busy getting ready to play anything

21. Favorite cover song?
15 Minutes - Cerys Matthews

22. One hit wonder?

23. Top 3 Records currently in rotation?
I don't really listen to CDs, it's mainly my Kazaa'd stuff. In Utero is the only CD I listen to a lot

24. Favorite box set?
My Tom Lehrer one

25. How do you usually discover new music?
Kazaa, gigs, radio, clubbing, Steve or Jack playing good stuff

26. Best road trip sing-along album?
Kirsty MacColl's Kite, cos Mum used to play it in the car all the time

27. What are your desert island top 10 records?
1) The Holy Bible - Manics
2) Live Thru This - Hole
3) Toxicity - System Of A Down
4) Spiders - Space
5) Rage Against The Machine
6) Galore - Kirsty MacColl
7) Clear Hearts Grey Flowers - Jack Off Jill
8)In Utero - Nirvana
9) Substance - Joy Division
10) Rum Sodomy And The Lash - Pogues
God, what a cheerful little island.

28. Added by Lotte - what are the best gigs you've ever been to? (NB: the best music related thingy I've ever been to is Reading 2003, but that doesn't count, this is GIGS ONLY.)
1) Manics, Manchester Apollo, March 2001 (with the family and Danny Melia)
2) Space, Manchester Academy, November 1998 (with Emma)
3) Deftones, Wembley Arena, September 2003 (with Gina and Aidey)
4) Radiohead, Manchester MEN Arena, November 2003 (alone, originally with Owen)
5) Primal Scream, Manchester Apollo, December 2000 (with Rob)
6) Sugababes, Liverpool Royal Court, March 2003 (with Rob)
7) Muse, Manchester MEN Arena, November 2003 (with Duncan, sort of)
8) Rammstein, Manchester Apollo, May 2002 (with Joe, Pete, Paul, Mike Shilliam and the Wright family)
9) Moby, Manchester MEN Arena, November 2002 (with Rob)
10)Gomez, Liverpool Royal Court, October 1999 (with Jack and the Melia family)


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Nov. 30th, 2003 09:46 pm (UTC)
this Best Album In The World...Ever! with a green cover, it's from 1996

Ooh I have that! Yes, yes, tis fab! :-D
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