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Guess who I've just seen?
I'm amazed I can type this, as I'm on a bit of a comedown. Not a drugs one, just generally low because I'm on my own here. Tori's in bed (I think), Duncan, Joe and Ange are all at Sankeys Soap (Duncan went to Muse but he was in a different seating bit), Miriam and Birgall are away and Steve is whooping it up in 42nd Street, where I was earlier, except I left after about half an hour because 1) I was going to meet up with Steve but couldn't find him, 2) it was full of dirty old men and 3) the music was a bit arse. It took me some time to get home and I nearly went to Altrincham by mistake, but I'm back. Thank god Mum doesn't read this, or she'd have kittens. Speaking of relatives, I met Jack and Rob (no, not that Rob, this Rob is Jack's friend who plays drums and looks a bit like Joe Catling) on the Metro. The twits had missed the last train home. Is it me or is there some kind of Muse curse on Jack and Rob? (The reason: last time they saw Muse, they missed another train and were stranded in Manchester.) I was surprised Emily wasn't there, maybe she doesn't like Muse? A first, normally she and Jack like exactly the same stuff. How scary.
In other news: I got my navel pierced (good); I have a meeting with my tutor on Friday (which I don't want to think about, she scares the shit out of me), I went to Jillys with HARM and Chris the Welsh dude introduced me to some Germans and I got to practice on them (brilliant, especially as I got to see Matt, Jim and Nicky again); I missed the HARM trip because it turned out it was this weekend (annoying, but hell, I got to see Muse!); Owen and me are back on speaking terms(relieving - I was at Club Moose, the surprisingly not rubbish indie night in Squirrels, with Steve and I met Owen and some of his blockmates there, and it was awkward at first but he was really nice and it was cool seeing him again).
WHO: Muse
WHERE: Manchester MEN Arena
WHEN: 29th November 2003
WITH: Duncan also went to the gig, but we were in different areas in the arena
SUPPORT: Kinesis and Elbow
SET: Videos, including heat-coloured string players, meteorites exploding, the moon, Matt looking like his hands were bleeding on the keyboard, and some flying men. And yes, the balloons made an appearance
BEST SONG: Space Dementia
BEST BITS: The crowd doing a Mexican wave beforehand; Chris and Dom spraying the crowd with champagne (Jack got sprayed in the eye!); Matt's piano playing (Franny, you have a long way to go); getting to hear all the Absolution stuff; not seeing Adam
WORST BIT: Nothing was wrong with the gig, the band were fine. I wish I'd known more of the stuff, but that's got nothing to do with Muse's quality. Having said that, it would have been nice to hear Hyper Music or Dead Star...but Darkshines and Cave made up for it
COOLEST PERSON: Matt Bellamy and his amazingly fast fingers. Apparently he's self-taught, the jammy bastard. It was pretty funny watching him arse around with the balloons and get sprayed with confetti
WOULD I SEE THEM AGAIN? It's possible. I hope they do Reading again. The MEN is a crap venue and Muse were better at Leeds 2002...not that this gig was rubbish, ok?
RATING: 4/5, contender for the gig of the year, up there with Radiohead and Sugababes (Reading was in a league of its own)